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11 days later he was elected mayor sacked was the "public option" cadre origin – Sohu news in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee after the closing of the first weekend of October 29th, the Central Commission for discipline inspection official website has released the news — news: according to Liaoning Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission approved by the Liaoning provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of Liaoning Province, Tieling city mayor Jiang Zhou alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. See this message, the political circle of the first concern is Tieling, this year, the famous non big city has a number of important officials sacked. However, the sacked ginger week, carefully combing its background, it is worth mentioning. In fact, Jiang Zhou was elected mayor of Tieling only 11 days. 11 days later was elected mayor sacked in October 18th, Liaoning city of Tieling Fanhe new exhibition center, Tieling City, the Seventh People’s Congress of the sixth meeting held on the same day at 15:30, held its second plenary meeting, Jiang Zhou was elected mayor of Tieling Municipal People’s government. General political circle noted that prior to this, Jiang Zhou has been acting mayor of Tieling more than 6 months. March 27th this year, the city held a leading cadres conference in Tieling, Liaoning provincial Party committee to convey the leadership of the government to adjust the position of the decision. Liaoning provincial Party committee decided: Comrade Jiang Zhou any Tieling Municipal Committee, standing committee, deputy secretary, and nominated as mayor of Tieling candidates, administrative duties in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Jiang Zhou from the Dalian to Tieling office, his predecessor Sun Yi, from Tieling to Huludao, as the Huludao Municipal Committee, standing committee, secretary. Tieling people know the news as early as a month ago. February 27th, the Organization Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee issued first announcement on 2016, the publicity of the proposed appointment of the 44 candidates for the leadership, Jiang Zhou, Sun Yijun in the public selected. Remove the "generation", formally took office as mayor of Tieling Jiang week at the meeting to speak, he said, "although the road travel is approaching, it is difficult to do need." And said, always firm and correct political orientation, political understanding". Unfortunately, this time after 11 days, Jiang Zhou sacked. Dalian City, deputy municipal cadres from Dalian transferred to Tieling, is the first chance for administrative leaders Zhou Jiang Road city. The Liaoning provincial Party committee took office in Tieling, then evaluation is given: Comrade Jiang Zhou’s ideological and political quality, familiar with economic work and the work of the party, have strong leadership ability, comprehensive coordination and overall control, hard work, dedication and strong sense of responsibility, honest and resolute, the courage to pipe, solidarity comrades, care masses, strict demands on themselves, have higher prestige in the cadres and the masses, the provincial Party committee that Jiang Zhou was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Tieling Municipal Committee and the nomination of candidates for mayor of Tieling city is right. Jiang was born in 1969, after working in Dalian for a long time. The official resume shows that in Dalian, Jiang Zhou served as mayor of Dalian Municipal People’s government assistant, Party members, municipal development and Reform Commission Director, party secretary, director of the office of the director of the Dalian City revitalization; puwan New District Party committee secretary, the CMC (Dalian Deputy municipal); Pulandian municipal Committee, Dalian Pu District Party committee deputy secretary vice chairman, CMC相关的主题文章: