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2016 contemporary youth entrepreneurship and Innovation International Culture Salon held Sohu tourism ancient wild Qin war, magnificent desolation of the Datong Qinhuangdao cavity, to forge ahead, the young entrepreneurs who issued the invitation. The evening of September 24th, sponsored by the Shaanxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, West Ham district administrative committee, West Ham District Metro West Symphony CMC, West Ham District Management Committee Information Center hosted the meeting of Xi Xian China created "2016· contemporary youth entrepreneurship and Innovation International Culture Salon opened in Xi Xian new area of the Metro West symphony of entrepreneurial culture square. The drum sound Trinidad Hui Xi Xian Qunying salon by the famous artist, actor Ren Yaming and the famous host Zhou Qun as CO host. In the agitation of the drums in ancient Qin, salon started. (in ancient Qin loud sound of drums, the salon was officially launched.) As one of the important activities of Chinese hit 2016 ring, the salon will be to youth entrepreneurship and innovation as the theme to the national and international of the young entrepreneurs invited, invited the world young entrepreneurs, elite gathered in West Ham, set up Chinese. (Qinhuangdao and Shaanxi drum cross) in this event, new West Ham will carry out extensive management activities, communication management culture, stimulate creative and entrepreneurial potential, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship become national consciousness; further refined to create efficient administrative environment construction is conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation policy support and service system, to provide experience for the Province and the management work by speeding up the development of double conversion; upgrading of kinetic energy ecosystem around the whole industry chain innovation focus, to create a new paradigm of innovation city development mode. (movie "Ben" creative crew and audience) in the field, produced by Xi Xian new area administrative committee of the country’s first "double" as the theme of the movie "rush" creative crew to meet with the audience, the film will be in Beijing and Xi’an to the cinema released. (the host of the Olympic Champion Award "Xi Xian new guest" medal) champion of Olympic spirit inspire enthusiasm with the help of dual 2016 Rio Olympic games out of the men’s 20 km race champion Wang Zhen, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games women’s volleyball champion Chinese song Nina activities, set off a small climax. At the scene, two Olympic champions shared their Olympic stories. The Olympic Games reflect the focus, hard work, perseverance and perseverance, it is worth learning, especially as young entrepreneurs, the fight is to adhere to and dream. The Olympic Games is the stage of all the athletes, they are in the limit of challenge, constantly beyond the self, the Olympic spirit has inspired countless Chinese people. It is due to that beautiful, no matter what is going through, don’t give up, because no one will be to live up to, this is not just as sports, women’s volleyball team spirit, but also inspired countless entrepreneurs, inspire each carries the dream together Xi’an-Xianyang entrepreneurs. (in the eyes of foreigners happy Xi Xian) (the famous business mentor group dialogue Xi Xian) to tell Xi Xian love big coffee of course, a pioneering nature is little not super super salon business mentor to help out, Funeng Group Chairman Liu Jiayong, Le Bo capital hit.相关的主题文章: