From now on automatic import license paperless customs clearance will be extended to the nati 郑赫准

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Now   automatic import license of paperless customs clearance will be extended to the national customs — Finance — February 1 Beijing Xinhua (Zhou Suya) in order to increase the steady growth of foreign trade structure efforts to implement policies to enhance the level of trade facilitation, the day before, the Ministry of Commerce and the general Administration of Customs announcement, on February 1, 2016, will the automatic import license of paperless customs clearance range from the current 10 to promote national customs all customs. Paperless customs clearance is an important measure to implement the steady growth and adjustment of foreign trade. In 2014, the general office of the State Council on the two policy documents support the steady growth of foreign trade and strengthen the import clearly to the implementation of a paperless customs clearance, speed up customs clearance "," accelerate the paperless customs clearance pilot management of goods automatic import license". Since the implement of this trade facilitation measures, in 2015, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs in Shanghai and other 10 pilot customs automatic import license issued by the paperless customs clearance, complete specifications, platform development, and provide institutional guarantee and technical support for the application for the issue, many times the organization of national and local enterprises to carry out the license issuing agency the electronic certificate card test run of special training, extensive publicity, to ensure the policy landing without aliasing. By the end of 2015, more than 75 thousand electronic certificates of automatic import licenses were issued, accounting for nearly 60% of all automatic import licenses. In order to strengthen the evaluation of policy effectiveness, the Ministry of Commerce conducts several investigations on the pilot situation and a questionnaire survey on the related enterprises. The license issuing organs and related enterprises generally reflect, with respect to the written certificate, license certificate to reshape the customs clearance process, the application is more convenient, issuing more transparent, more smooth and efficient customs clearance. Enterprise survey shows that nearly 98% of the evidence enterprises are satisfied with the pilot. At present, the pilot operation is stable, laying the foundation for the promotion in the country. The national import and export conference held in 2016 has put forward that one of the priorities of foreign trade work in the future is to strengthen the implementation of foreign trade policy. In order to speed up the process of trade facilitation, effectively reducing the burden for enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to jointly with the General Administration of customs actively and steadily and orderly paperless customs clearance work. 即日起 自动进口许可证无纸化通关将推广至全国海关–财经–人民网 人民网北京2月1日电 (周素雅)为加大外贸稳增长调结构政策落实力度,提升贸易便利化水平,日前,商务部会同海关总署发布公告,于2016年2月 1 日起,将自动进口许可证无纸化通关范围由目前的10个海关推广至全国所有海关。 无纸化通关是落实外贸稳增长调结构工作的重要举措。2014年,国务院办公厅关于支持外贸稳定增长和加强进口的两个政策文件明确提出,要“推行通关作业无纸化,加快通关速度”, “加快自动进口许可管理商品无纸化通关试点”。为推动落实这一贸易便利化措施,2015年以来,商务部会同海关总署在上海等10个海关试点自动进口许可证无纸化通关,发布使用规范,完成平台开发,为申请签发提供制度保障和技术支持,还多次组织全国发证机构及地方企业开展许可证电子证书试运行专题培训,进行广泛宣传,保证政策落地不走样。 截至2015年底,全国共签发自动进口许可证电子证书超过7.5万份,占全部自动进口许可证的近60%。为加强政策效果评估,商务部多次开展试点情况调研和对相关企业的问卷调查。发证机关和涉证企业普遍反映,相对于纸面证书,许可证电子证书重塑了通关流程,申请更加方便快捷,签发更加公开透明,通关更加顺畅高效。企业问卷调查显示,近98%的涉证企业对试点表示满意。目前,试点运行平稳,为在全国推广打好了基础。 刚刚召开的2016年全国进出口工作会提出,今后一段时期外贸工作的重点之一是加大外贸政策落实力度。为加快贸易便利化进程,切实为企业减负助力,商务部将继续会同海关总署积极稳妥、有序推进无纸化通关工作。相关的主题文章: