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The new technology of Oculus to let the low-end computer can use VR- digital Sohu   virtual reality hardware manufacturer for Oculus  Oculus just released the Asynchronous  patch; Rift; Spacewarp technology, can facilitate the use of low-end computer users get mixed picture technology for seamless virtual reality experience. In fact, this method is to reduce the Oculus  Rift minimum hardware configuration requirements, thus opening the door to a professional virtual reality platform to more users. Before the release of Asynchronous  and Oculus; Timewarp Asynchronous  Spacewarp is a function similar to a frame rate smoothing technique in Oculus  Rift found that because the computer processing capability and drop frame automatic intervention. In this way, we can create a smooth frame rate, so as to eliminate because of the inability to reach up to 90 frames per second and the picture of Caton. Oculus pointed out that the new technology is more than Asynchronous  Timewarp has improved, because the Rift technology can now take into account the camera movement and other factors such as player displacement. "Asynchronous  Spacewarp generated by the application of virtual reality images generated speculation screen." Oculus explained, "on the face of it, it seems like the Asynchronous  Timewarp is similar, the latter can be based on the user’s head to turn this thing to generate speculation screen. Although this can cover many things, but it is not a panacea. Asynchronous  Spacewarp and Asynchronous  Spacewarp, which covers all virtual actions in the virtual reality experience. Including the role of mobile, camera movement, touch handle movement, as well as the player’s own displacement. If the application screen playback speed is slower than the display speed, the user’s actual experience will be very smooth, so that users enjoy it." Oculus also launched SDK for the upcoming Oculus  Avatar app that allows users to customize their characters and apply them to a variety of virtual reality games. From the beginning of this week, Rift users can use Oculus  Remote and Xbox handle to make their own Oculus  Avatar Oculus  Touch, until the next month after the release; the handle will be in the "Sports  Bar  using the VR" and "Kingspray" and other games.相关的主题文章: