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Before the six coup Paiduyangyan raised a good complexion ruddy – Sohu before going to bed to do something helpful to Detox Slimming thing, can let you sleep all night, but also health beauty oh. With a look at what good habits make you more thinner and more detoxification more beautiful! The bath shower before going to bed will naturally increase the body temperature, blood circulation is more smooth, promote the speed and pressure of the blood line, so that the body of the The new supersedes the old. every inch of skin to accelerate, completely relaxed. Before you go to bed, enjoy a bubble bath. Especially in the dry weather in autumn and winter, the most suitable DIY aromatherapy bath. Put a tank of water in the bathtub, let the charming aromatic fragrance to the nervous tension relaxation, also feel fine. Drink plenty of water before and after bathing can help the skin and the body to remove toxins, and in the right time to drink water can make double the efficacy of detoxification. The United States and the United States can go to bed every night before and after bathing, drink a glass of water, drinking water before bathing can promote skin discharge toxins, after bathing water can be effective for the skin and the body to add water. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after bathing Oh, detoxification effect super good. Feet before going to bed with hot water bubble feet, both refreshing, and conducive to sleep, hot foot bath can remove garbage and pathological human blood sediment, to clean the body’s role. Can also thin, improve local blood circulation, expel cold, promote metabolism, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of health diet. A cup of milk before going to bed may be a lot of people do not know, in the milk, which contains a calm ingredient, which can be a good component to promote people’s sleep, so that the higher the quality of sleep. Moreover, before going to bed properly drink some milk, not only will not cause the body fat, but also can promote the body during the sleep of the normal detoxification. So, if you feel empty stomach before going to bed, hungry, then it is appropriate to drink some warm milk. Before going to bed comb the benefits of combing the hair before going to bed is very much, beauty, slimming, sleeping, etc.. Because the head of a lot of points, and are important in the body meridian line, dredge the head, can help body internal circulation smoothly, improve the quality of your sleep, sleep beauty sleep, second days can not be beautiful? Sleep massage properly and gently massage the skin, help the skin to eliminate toxins, and before going to bed full massage skin, a better effect of detoxification. The body’s sleep, skin cells will be repaired and the girls before fully massage skin, and to ensure adequate sleep, can make the skin and body internal toxins discharged effectively, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.相关的主题文章: