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KIA announced the details before the date of precursor 8AT gearbox, KIA officially announced the details of a new 8 speed automatic transmission in overseas. Unlike KIA’s existing 8 speed automatic transmission on the rear drive, this new 8AT product is specially developed for the front drive. It is reported that the gearbox to enhance the transmission efficiency, comfort and other aspects, it will be the first with a new generation of models for the statue, 6 speed automatic gearbox kezun used instead of cash. The precursor dedicated 8AT gearbox contains 143 new patented technology applications, while new products compared to KIA’s existing 6AT gearbox reduces 3.5kg. In addition to transmission efficiency and transmission ratio range has been upgraded, the new 8AT gearbox also has better noise and vibration performance. Therefore, the vehicle equipped with the new gearbox will also have better fuel economy, acceleration performance and smooth performance. Although the KIA K9 has been the first to carry the 8AT gearbox, but because the car is used in front of the rear drive layout, so the layout of its transmission system is relatively low. On the contrary, due to the front drive type engine, gearbox, differential, the main reducer and half shaft and other transmission components are to be concentrated in the engine room, so it is more difficult for the front drive to match a 8AT. A new generation of KIA statue held in March this year, the 2016 New York auto show, KIA has released a new generation of models statue. The car will be equipped with the new first dedicated 8AT gearbox. According to earlier news, a new generation statue was equipped with a 3.3L twin turbo V6 engine, the maximum output power of 290 horsepower.相关的主题文章: