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Golden Valley Icewine Zhangyu ice appeared in "long live" – Mrs. Beijing, Beijing, September 12, Chinese first "to his wife to pay tribute to the" drama "long live" Mrs., Tianjin TV and Anhui satellite tv. In the play twentieth sets, Lu Fen (Yuan Wenkang ornaments) please Ye Shuxin (decorated with) to eat, the waiter asked: "Sir, need to open a bottle of wine?" "" Our restaurant cellar is very rich, there is a gold ice Valley ice wine, very suitable for the lady, "only for her rare wine."." Although the picture did not appear in the bottle, but only for her rare wine is Changyu gold ice Valley winery Icewine a slogan. Icewine is delayed until the selected grapes harvest natural icing 8 degrees Celsius temperature, the world has made Eiswein local conditions, only Canada, Germany, Austria and China part in cold areas. According to statistics, the world is a bottle of wine every thirty thousand bottles of Wine, so it is called "the liquid gold". Wine with its sweet taste and fragrant fruit are very popular among ladies, so, Changyu gold ice Valley winery Icewine advertisements is rare wine just for her ". Changyu gold ice Valley Icewine winery located in Longhu County of Huanren province Liaoning Huan lake, chief winemaker Abbott? "" save self burning Township in Ontario province of Canada Icewine, the main grape varieties grown for Vidal (Vidal), from low to high grade wine for diamond level, blue diamond, black diamond. The authority of the world Wine magazine "alcohol Kam" (Decanter) at the 2016 world Wine contest (DWWA), Changyu gold ice Valley winery Icewine Vintage 2014 diamond grade wine to get 93 points, all the participating China Wine scored one of the 4 wines, 90 comments said: "an orange, apricot, pineapple, dried figs, oranges, olive green and dry kelp fragrance. Fresh and refreshing taste, durable, caramel sweet and somewhat hidden old barrels of smoked flavor. This is a clear, rich flavor of wine." (Chen Zhuang)相关的主题文章: