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Guangdong shehei case trial judge can apply for security protection – Beijing, Guangzhou daily, Shenzhen news (reporter Wang Na correspondent Wang Dongxing, Liang Bing) in September this year, the Guangdong Provincial High Court issued the "implementation of < on improving the people’s court; judicial responsibility system > implementation opinions; opinion (Trial)", to guide the implementation of judicial responsibility system. Yesterday, the Shenzhen two court formally introduced the implementation of the judicial responsibility of the work of the guidelines, which is the first to take the lead in Shenzhen, a comprehensive and systematic introduction of the implementation of the judicial responsibility of the programmatic document for the country’s first. Clear guidelines shall be investigated for illegal responsibility of trial of the seven cases, shall not be misjudged accountability eight kinds of situations, how to guarantee the judge to perform their duties without interference. What are the circumstances to clear responsibility and exemption responsibility to promote judicial reform, the main goal is to achieve let those who hear the referee, the referee is responsible, to ensure that the people’s court shall exercise independent and impartial jurisdiction. This is a specific code of practice. Insist on accountability and exemption of the combination, clearly should be investigated seven cases of illegal adjudication judge liability, including "in the case of corruption, favoritism, perverting the law behavior" and "private investigators in violation of the provisions or making a false case". At the same time also identified eight kinds of circumstances leading to cases were changed, not as a judge of misjudged case responsibility. Including "the understanding of the specific provisions of the laws, regulations, rules and judicial interpretations, and the inconsistency of understanding, which can be reasonably explained within the scope of professional cognition" and "the change of the referee because of the emergence of new evidence". Guidelines for the form of responsibility for judges are also detailed provisions, according to the degree of severity, divided into four kinds. Are "ordered a written examination, be criticized or cancel the annual Pingxianpingyou qualifications, exempt from the presiding judge position"; "to extend the payroll, promotion of judges judges grade life, or reduce the wage salary, judges grade, or suspended training, transferred the trial positions, judges, judges to launch from duty"; "give a disciplinary sanction"; "criminally prosecuted". The judge can apply shehei case safety protection Shenzhen court party members, vice president Huang Zhijian vividly told reporters that this job is to judge the guidelines for the protection of the judge is bound. The "guidelines" made detailed arrangements for the judges to perform their duties to protect, in accordance with the law, perform their duties to protect judges from security, dignity and honor occupation safeguard three aspects to judge performance guarantee system to do a systematic regulation. For example, the judge encountered intervention, refine the guidelines in the process of handling a case handling rules say in case that the judge, according to the independent investigators without interference. Unless there is evidence that the judge corruption and bribery, favoritism, perverting the law serious illegal conduct of the trial, the judge acts to perform their duties according to law shall suspend or terminate. The judge also made clear for correcting mechanism of legal reasons, not by the statutory procedures by error removal, demotion, demotion, dismissal or punishment. Among them, the special provisions of the "trial of organized crime, terrorist crimes and other violent crimes and other cases, the judge may.相关的主题文章: