Corn starch September Research Report pp点点通2006

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Corn Starch Research Report September Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Research summary of this year is expected to yield in North China, and the progress of the listing is expected to advance, prompted the current corn spot prices will continue, futures fell to 1400 yuan tons, maize production in North China has reached the cost price, it is understood that the Northeast will be slightly cut, but in the background of national purchasing and storage subsidies. This slightly cut cannot change the policy changes under the pattern of oversupply of corn. Until November the northeast corn market, will have a huge impact on North China corn, when the spot price of corn is not able to hold the cost, there is a risk point is whether the country will fall sharply in the corn spot prices take some measures, such as part of state-owned enterprises to acquire a certain amount of corn, corn spot to slow down the price decline. However, this is only slow decline, difficult to change the downward trend of the price of corn. Starch by the recent demand for support, the price is stronger than corn deep processing, profit will be improved, the overall demand for starch poor enterprises in the hope that corn prices fell after the replacement for cassava starch and in the absence of policy support for export. The northeast region in the corn market, its cost advantage and meet emerging, northeast region is also expected to get deep processing of subsidies, so that China’s overall starch enterprise pricing is expected to turn to the northeast from North china. Look at the background of weak in corn starch, starch will be weak, concern prices fell after the end of boost demand. For corn and starch arbitrage between the 1701 contracts, currently affected by the impact of deep processing subsidies, starch is weaker than corn, if subsidies are true, starch and corn spreads is expected to fall to zero. A research background, since entering August, corn has 1701 main contract between [14001500] shocks, while the starch from 1800 under the main contract fell to [16501700], the new season in North China corn market is gradually opened, and is currently the largest capacity of starch in North China region, how the consumption of starch, after re opening export tax rebate corn deep processing in China, what kind of impact the demand for starch in China will, with these questions, we started the research of corn starch in North China during the 5 days of the trip. This paper from the new season of maize production in North China and the amount of starch and food processing and marketing enterprise, to summarize, for investors. Two, the amount of North China is expected to accelerate the rhythm of the research activities from the east to the west, found in eastern Shandong new spring maize has been listed, deep processing enterprises in Weifang have started to use a large number of new maize season, Binzhou new area of spring corn supply only accounted for about half of that in the west to the west of Shandong and Hebei area, at present or to use from the traders buy or state reserve auction Chen corn. From the research situation, the new season will be interpreted in National Day after corn相关的主题文章: