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Boshijijin Wei Fengchun: this type of stock Many a little make a mickle. highlight the value of the investment – fund channel last week overseas macroeconomic data less focus on the Fed’s monthly meeting. The Fed’s September FOMC decision before the rate hike is expected to halt the troops and wait, but slightly amended resolution suggesting the possibility of a rate hike in December. Before the meeting, the Fed has been released hawkish signals, so as to suppress the market. The meeting in addition to the expected management verbal, future economic data can support the interest rate, there are still uncertainties, September payrolls data to be announced in October could weaken interest rate expectations, therefore expected the fed to raise interest rates will remain volatile. Last week, the Bank of Japan introduced the yield curve under the management of the QQE policy, the same did not pass a more relaxed monetary policy signals to the market. The so-called yield curve under the management of the QQE policy, refers to the QQE policy is based on the yield curve as the basis for the stability of inflation at more than 2% of the target of quantitative easing policy. Specifically, a central bank is controlled by the yield curve to adjust the monetary base, clearly pointed out that the central bank will sell through the purchase of debt for 10 years, the 10 year yields stable at a level of about 0%; the two is the clear guidelines about the inflation target, expansion of the monetary base until the CPI stable at 2%. The Bank of Japan’s new policy framework is not expected to relax the move, but the market will increase the expected disorder. Since August 7, the domestic economic boom rebound, September is still no signs of stalling, power generation coal consumption data better, that the domestic real economy is not as weak market imagination. Changes in economic fundamentals, reflected in the relatively strong growth in industrial added value. Although on the face of it, the government is still more difficult to invest in more places, but the growth of the economy has driven mainly to the consumer, this drive is relatively good continuity. A shares are expected to be the mainstream of the late economic boom or significant downside, and even expected to have further steady growth measures, such as strengthening PPP investment, finance and other further force. Therefore, for the A-share market, the recent domestic economy may be more than expected factors A. Investors expected to close, may need to follow the monthly data to trigger. Expected correction superimposed coal, steel production capacity to accelerate in the second half, may lead to A shares of the cyclical plate quotes. From the international market, the fed in September no interest rate hike, the international main hedge assets, risk assets generally took the opportunity to rebound slightly. Outlook, the domestic economy than expected factors, A shares and Hong Kong stocks may form support. Overall, the limited space of hedge assets, may enter the stage of slight fluctuations, the risk of assets or tend to differentiate, to benefit from economic growth, as well as some of the goods will have the relative value of the configuration. In terms of the selection of the stock industry, it is recommended to focus on the financial sector to improve the profitability of the industry, such as environmental protection, construction and pharmaceutical business. Near the national day, the Spring Festival time window, food and beverage, especially the investment value of first-line liquor is still outstanding.相关的主题文章: