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2099 yuan HUAWEI Nova released this year, while first million HUAWEI mobile phone line Phoenix Technology News News October 14th, early September in Germany IFA exhibition debut of the HUAWEI Nova mobile phone today officially released in china. Among them, the standard 3+32GB version is priced at 2099 yuan, the high version of 4+64GB price 2399 yuan, will be held tonight 8:58 online first pin, 10:08 line on sale tomorrow morning. HUAWEI Nova conference at the conference, HUAWEI consumer business mobile phone product line to the president, he just announced in 2016 first million mobile phone HUAWEI official line, this also means that HUAWEI 140 million annual sales target distance further, at the same time, he also announced that the HUAWEI Nova phone booking volume exceeded 5 million units. The price of this series is a young announced the launch of HUAWEI’s new flagship series, Nova means "Star", according to He Gang, the middle part of the Nova from HUAWEI’s innovative DNA Innovation, HUAWEI wants to use it to express their ultimate innovation gene. HUAWEI Nova inherited some design elements on the back of the HUAWEI P9, the 6 series of Aluminum Alloy material body design, the front is equipped with 5 inch 1080P screen, the bottom of the Type-C interface, the whole thickness of only 7.1 mm, the standard version of champagne gold, bright silver color, high is the increase in rose gold and deep grey altogether four kinds of color. Core, the machine built a Xiaolong 625 eight core processor, memory combination is divided into 3GB RAM+32GB ROM and 4GB   RAM+64GB version; ROM version, the camera is 12 million pixels rear +800 megapixel front camera combination, rear battery capacity of 3020 MAH, support dual card full network and DTS 7.1 surround sound. According to the briefing, from October 15th to November 15th the first sales during the period of one month, HUAWEI offers a month long line thousand purchase spree, also can receive free broken screen insurance in this period, the purchase within 3 months can be replaced free of charge an original screen. (Liu Zhengwei)相关的主题文章: