Memories of three drag one, Chongqing’s cheapest old hot pot – Sohu eat and drink 姉summer

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Recall the three drag a three, the cheapest Chongqing delicacy, old Hot pot – Sohu in Chongqing and will eat Hot pot, small dish is eat, lakes Hot pot oil, spicy oil, much less water and high temperature cooked quickly, this is the core. It Hot pot very aggressive, invade your taste, taste, eating habits, it quietly changed the world’s eating habits, leading to local cooking technology, it is actually very simple, spicy and delicious, hot pepper oil and pepper is the soul of it, it is to eat spicy, heavy oil, heavy flavor. Hot pot it from there, the royal or folk pendulum, are not important, and is a small Hot pot, gas, one is real, eating will forget. Hot pot eat is Naore, it is now a high consumption, rich dishes, as long as you dare to say that the Chongqing people dare to say everything to eat hot Hot pot, bag, stand, drag a three from 90s and ended in the year do not know, now, Chongqing out of a brand, the Dragon seven three Trailer a cheap, really good taste, can eat everything. The three one is affordable, the number of people can eat, and choose many dishes, everything can eat, regardless of eat, want to be afraid of something, so the table full of only 99 yuan. Oh! Almost forgot, seven points in the dragon must be a dish, do you know what it is? Men eat hey hey hey hey hey hey it overbearing woman ate is the Dragon seven Sambo, three pack, pack what asked the boss. And the best collocation Hot pot Long Qi three drag an old Hot pot address: Jiulongpo Shi Yang Road and Spring Lake reservation telephone: 68673667 to 123: the lamp相关的主题文章: