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"Aladdin and the magic lamp" file 11.18 poster double – Entertainment Sohu "Aladdin and the magic lamp" exposure fixed gear posters Aladdin is adorable [Click to view the wizard holding more HD map] Sohu entertainment news by the famous director Arthur Kevin Kang bonza directed, Adams, Jean Paul rouve, Vanessa Kidd Audrey Lamy starred in the fantasy adventure comedy "Aladdin and the magic lamp" today officially announced its scheduled November 18th Chinese mainland, pound issued a "full lineup" poster and trailer set file. In the film, Aladdin and the genie composed of "Wulitou F2" scramjet to fit, high-energy Yuezhan playing "magic lamp hegemony" and "the princess married", "second prince" and other classic plot, the French humor and exotic style by dark magic, not a stamp each piece, full of rich "funny force" overbearing president form "is coming. Wulitou! High pollution laugh jokes Luandun waves to fly in November "Aladdin and the magic lamp" tells the story of "playing" young Aladdin, in a chance to "promote social positive energy, help the weak wizard event got a touch lamp, you can call the lamp lamp satisfy his wishes. However, just as he enjoyed "the Frog Prince" marry the princess of joy pleasure on the occasion, the evil wizard and the prime minister stonewalled him involved in a series of comedy, "" Princess battle "in the. As the year God write fairy tale, the film was released in France mouth overflowing, for three consecutive weeks off the "top" title, and once won the French annual box office champion. The film energy profiles for November 18th, Luandun romantic humor and funny jokes in the casual lines and expressionless movements, reality and exotic mix, the "Star Wars", "Avalokitesvara" and other elements which give people laughing spoof, "joke", and to "salvation work" theory of life. God! "Aladdin" battle "for" prime minister "slobber war" story elements of the piece is triggered at any moment enough, the burden is quite full of burst pollution. In the film, Aladdin from "civilian? Wire" turned "overbearing Prince", and the lamp God composed of "Wulitou F2" confrontation "stay nagging prime minister, played a" Baghdad "in the two youth, is a Dark Magic Wizard power greatly, they play each other at high speed piece, fun life reversal Fantasy game. In the poster just exposed "lineup", the role of each different expressions, whether it is laughing, more solemn stare look, or funny sell adorable, fearless and unruly face, are very tension, fascinated, agonistic. Spicy eyes! Specific enough comedy "debris" double life "taste the expected value of the burst table notice from the point of view," Aladdin and the magic lamp "is" special gouwei "adventure action scenes, but also include the" yiyanbuge dance "," India music "," I am your father "hot eye elements. Whether it is" sliding lamp appearance "or" flying carpet "," downtown brawl "scene, let the film’s visual impact and nonsensical jokes expectations more burst table. More importantly, the shadow.相关的主题文章: