Constellation true words silly Libra rush to throw money to coax ex (Figure) headache怎么读�

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Sign the truth: silly Libra hurry money to coax ex (Figure) Libra is hanged in the ex. This tree, various methods of playing the romantic summation, but also a variety of ex to ex please eat money to buy buy buy, die is ex end, ah this is not just a silly Libra take money machine? The 0316 love Sina constellation cuttlefish said to catch on the Sina constellation Libra silly money to coax ex I love woman is Libra, libra. I 26 her 23. I met her for more than a year, broke up in 7 months, and now I still insist she gave me a chance. She was deeply hurt by a man who was deeply loved 2 years ago, which led to her life for the past 2 years. Until I appeared, we fell in love, when she told me that I want to marry and have children, her mother knew she was going to marry me next year. Although she will always be angry with me, but every time I coax her back, she does not like the work, so I always take care of her life. In July of this year, because I finally broke up with her. After breaking up, she took me all the phone WeChat pull the black, she does not love me suddenly to find her so I couldn’t find her home, then I chose to write to express her, she received the letter gave me SMS reply: "I received your express, I will find you, but please you before I find you don’t harass me". Later, because I was too short message she felt tired has been reluctant to comment on me. By the end of August the first time we finally meet for dinner, she listened to what I said that I did not change is still a selfish idea. I go back to reflect on their own to eat to meet in September 10th second she said I thought a lot more mature but not just because you have before the overthrow of what you do. In the breakup of this period of time I still have not changed to give her money, take care of her life, because even if the break up she is also dependent on me. In October we have third meals, I ask you to think of me? She said I wouldn’t eat with you if I didn’t think about it. I asked if I could go back to your side? She said that the next meal to answer you, and now to the next meal to your performance, I think you can not go with me. She said this time is very busy, I will find my. But breaking up over the past three months, I have been very short message reply. She is very love fun with friends to travel, but she wanted to do just say I will meet her. She knew that I was the best man for him, that I wouldn’t go, that I hadn’t lied to her. But why is she still hesitating? I really want to get her back soon. I have been waiting for more than three months, I have been paid without any condition. But as long as there is a little do not like her, I think I have not changed. Isn’t it important for me to be in her heart now? For more than three months, can’t I see her? Sometimes I want to talk to her about my work is not happy, said she called me to say that men are not happy to have the pressure should be put up, you complain that I think you are very promising. Hey, I just want to say that she cares about me, if I really can not stand I will insist on so long? I really want to know.相关的主题文章: