Yunnan Township Commission for Discipline Inspection of prostitution was dismissed in Shanghai durin 木村kaela

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Yunnan Township Commission for Discipline Inspection of prostitution was dismissed in Shanghai during the training of Sohu news August 28th, an insider told the surging news () claimed that, recently, the Commission Secretary Xu Yinglong Guan Ping Xiang Yunlong County of Yunnan Province, Tongji University in Shanghai during the period of training was arrested for prostitution. In August 29th, Yunlong County Deputy Secretary of the county Li Yuhua to surging news confirmed that the event has occurred. "This is a xiuren thing, the damaging effects of cadres’ image." Li Yuhua said that after the incident, Yunlong County Government attaches great importance to Xu Yinglong, just returned to the Yunlong County, the county government convened the work of their families, and will report to the higher authorities, before its removal, and then organize the investigation, opening the Standing Committee to make the final treatment advice. Li Yuhua said that the investigation is completed, will be to the media, social publicity, during the training in Shanghai, I went to see them. Led training is our organization minister." According to the official website of Yunlong County Government Bulletin, August 6th to 20, the county 50 County township cadres at the Tongji University, received a 14 day comprehensive ability training. During the training, the Deputy Secretary of the county, the county magistrate Li Yuhua in Dali and Shanghai counterparts to help contact the university activities, to the students to visit the resident training. Li Yuhua said, I hope the students cherish the rare opportunity to learn, quick change roles, Jingxiaxinlai, conscientiously study and absorb the essence, to provide intellectual support to better fulfill their duties; to respect and discipline, strengthen communication, mutual aid, Shu Liyun dragon cadres good image. County Deputy Secretary Tian Qiang speech at the opening ceremony; county Party committee, county organization department minister Zhang Zhiyong attended the training; deputy magistrate Li Ruijie, Tongji University School of relevant responsible person to participate in the opening ceremony. It is reported that the training covers "the rule of law" and "rule of law thinking to improve the ability of city planning and construction" and "inherit and carry forward the traditional culture", "China deal with public emergencies and crisis management ability", "landscape construction and tourism development", "PPP" mode of development and other 13 topics. The professors and experts from the National People’s Congress of Shanghai municipal Party Committee Party School of Tongji University, Shanghai City, with the current development of the actual situation and policy of Yunlong, with a typical case, in a wonderful lecture for the students.相关的主题文章: