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More than 6 rod boxes are not strong enough   Muji, ELLE etc — fashion — people.com.cn original title: more than 6 rod boxes are not strong enough Muji, ELLE etc, on the morning of 6, the City Consumers Association published case comparison test, results showed that more than 60% were "not strong" plastic box, is popular in recent years the impact of poor performance. What is surprising is that the pull box from the regular well-known shopping malls, involving the brand has a Kitty, Hello, Muji, ELLE, etc.. CaseTrust staff as ordinary consumers, from Xidan joy, too Jun department store, Rainbow Department Store (Xuanwu branch), Parkson Shopping Center (North Sanhuan shop), New World Department Store (Wangjing branch), Han Department, blue island mansion, the revitalization of the commercial city, Yansha Shopping Center store outlet mall, Gome and Jingdong online, suning.com, Amazon, millet network platform bought 30 random samples of 29 brands. After testing, a total of 19 samples in the impact test of the box deformation, cracking and so on, in which the impact resistance of the 17 samples did not meet the relevant standards, the impact of the shock index of the 4 sample problems. The association staff explained that the impact resistance performance is an important indicator to test the quality of rod boxes, in the process of using rod box, it will inevitably encounter drop, poor impact resistance, it will seriously affect the service life of rod box, wherein the joy in Xidan sales of a "Muji" rod box, New World Department Store (Wangjing) sales of "Valenkington" rod boxes appear box deformation or cracking. The shock caused by the impact of poor performance, luggage drawbars, straps, handle, side handle and other parts from the bag body, the bag body fabric but also cause fracture, open line, in the experiment, according to the provisions of the 300 components of rod, no deformation after the test, no fault, damage, on line a SMILE BIRD suitcase but the commercial revival of the city sales, only 6 times on the broken rod. Comparative test shows that the overall quality of the box is worrying, but not the quality of well-known brands in recent years, the popular plastic material box impact resistance. It is understood that the luggage industry production, research and development, quality control level is uneven, some well-known brand enterprises producing luggage especially plastic products only imitate others, material strength and toughness using does not pass, easy to deformation and cracking caused by the body in use; also have individual enterprises shoddy, deceive consumers. 19 a trolley brand new style ousen item type unlabeled SMILE BIRD (great wolf woodpecker) 9T0000124 Valenkington CLG14151991 MUJI G5AA061 Hello Kitty MUJI 15131672001K7 Lin Bal Gianni LQO228-1177-01 EMINENT 9F6 ELLE L3091T3272)相关的主题文章: