70 thousand cash buried in the men’s house after the rain and snow changed waste paper pgd-426

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There are many men in the snow after waste buried 70 thousand cash to deposit the money the way, but the Shandong Jiyang Mr. Zhang chose the way his 70 thousand dollars was a calamity. Their own hospital digging pit, then the hard earned 70 thousand dollars with top cover, box installed, Zhang patted the dust, smiling face, he is satisfied with his money this way. Zhang told reporters that the bank is not convenient, don’t know, and nobody at home, so I put the money in the corner. Put the money in place, I was assured to go out to work, but from their own home yesterday, want to take money out of the safe, unexpectedly, open the tin after dumbfounded. Zhang told reporters, convenient bag broke and flooded. I put 70 thousand dollars with a plastic bag wrapped up in this little box, buried in a small corner of the home. Now this tin after rain erosion, has been rusting. The money was buried in the ground after a long time did not move, did not think the bag is broken, two days before a heavy snow and let the money broken. Zhang said, I have been planted a few acres of land, all these years on the accumulation of money, the results become so, really heartbreaking. 70 thousand dollars for this poor family is not a small number, the money can not be used? The reporter contacted the bank staff. The staff said that "like this, you can not change, give it together it, there should be no problem". The staff to let Zhang assured, will conduct on-site demonstration bills in the basin. The workers carefully under the operation of money, stick together really are apart. The bank manager said that the money we will give customers properly, because the money is now unable to identify the authenticity of, we will put the money under the supervision of dry, and then verify the authenticity, how is the amount of money, and then make against to the customer, this is the whole monitoring, customer trust.

男子院里埋7万现金 雨雪后变废纸 存放钱的方式有很多种,但山东济阳张先生选择的方式让他的7万块钱遭了殃。自家院挖土坑,再把辛苦赚的7万块钱用铁盒装好,上边盖好,老张拍拍身上的尘土,脸上露出笑意,他对自己这个藏钱办法很满意。老张告诉记者,银行业务不方便,不知道也不清楚,家里又没人,所以就把钱放在墙角上。把钱安置好,老张就放心出门打工去了,可是昨天回家,想从自己保险柜里取点钱出来,没想到,打开铁盒后傻眼了。老张告诉记者,方便袋破了,进水了。老张把7万块钱用塑料袋包裹起来,放到了这个小铁盒里,埋到了家中的一个小角落。现在这个铁盒经过雨水的冲刷,已经锈迹斑斑。这些钱埋在地下后,很长时间没动过,没想到袋子破了,前两天一场大雪又让这些钱破了相。老张称,我辛辛苦苦种了几亩地,这些年来就积攒了这点钱,结果变成这样,确实让人心痛。7万块钱对这个清贫的家庭来说并不是一个小数目,这些钱还能不能用呢?记者联系到银行的工作人员。工作人员称“像这样的,就不能兑换了,得给它拼接起来才行,里面的应该没问题”。工作人员为让老张放心,将钞票放入水盆进行现场演示。在工作人员小心翼翼的操作下,粘在一起的钞票还真的被分开了。银行主管称,这个钱我们会给客户妥善处理好,因为这个钱币现在是无法辨别真伪的,我们会在监控下把钱晾干,然后就是辨别真伪,看看钱数是多少,然后如数兑给客户,这是全程监控,请客户放心。相关的主题文章: