79 year old man wanted to walk on the road to see his son in Nanjing aquaria

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Want to go to Nanjing to see his son – Beijing Yangzi Evening News 79 year old walking speed (reporter Guo Yipeng correspondent Wu Kun) because of my work in Nanjing son, a 79 year old man walking on the highway, to go from Gaochun to Nanjing! 3 August 22nd afternoon, the scorching sun, Ning Xuan speed on an old man staggered walking in the high-speed road on the side of the vehicle lane, roaring, very dangerous. This scene was on patrol found twelve high-speed traffic police brigade, traffic police rushed to the police will help the old man, in spite of this, the old man is still required to get off their walking. Traffic police patience to communicate that the old man is 79 years old, he was walking on a high speed in order to see his son. It turned out that the old man is Gaochun, his son settled in Nanjing, usually busy working for some time did not return home. The old man misses his son, and he is going to Nanjing alone. When the police found the old man, he had to walk more than ten kilometers. The old man did not carry the phone to the police, his family platform by police, and sent home for the elderly, and to persuade his son to go home often, many accompanied by the elderly.相关的主题文章: