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A Drunken Beauty leaves challenge glass tunnel less Huashan tour 88 yuan hot registration autumn is cool, the sky was clear. Gorgeous little Huashan red hills, cenglinjinran, make people intoxicated, brilliant purples and reds! Originally the main theme of green trees, become a riot of colours, red, yellow, dark foliage intertwined, rich colors, shining in the sun and bright, gorgeous and beautiful. Tencent net users sign up only 88 yuan, 58 yuan for children under 1.2 meters! This autumn, come with us to see Qinling Mountains, drunk America leaves, less Huashan glass plank challenge. The price: 88 yuan (58 yuan per person (adult) children below 1.2 meters) include: scenic spots, tourist bus, tour guide, insurance. Departure date: October 22nd, 23, 29, Tel: 029-63392880 18049508007 or Ms. Zhu registration within 24 hours of the staff will contact you to confirm. Activity trip: 8:00 stadium in the morning to set off, 10:00 arrived in less Huashan scenic spots, after the arrival of scenic spots into the traffic into the scenic area, began to appreciate the people of Shaanxi, Jiuzhaigou, Shaanxi less Huashan. Take the scenic transportation car arrived at the end point, can take the ropeway up the mountain, see the leaves, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls. Can also feel the thrills of the upper glass plank, Qianlong temple and other scenic spots. 17:00 in the afternoon to return, 18:30 arrived in Xi’an, the happy end of the day’s journey. Thousands of beautiful red sea scene everywhere in Huashan national Forest Park, less layer upon layer of peaks and knolls a total area of 6300 hectares, consisting of Redcliffe and Shimen Lake gorge, valley forest, Qianlong temple, little Huafeng five scenic spots. At an altitude of 530 meters -2491 meters, the forest coverage rate reached 90%, the approximation of the original ecological environment, the seasons changing, natural landscape and cultural resources colorful, mountain, water, forest, stone, temple, pavilions, thousands of images, wonderful. Sit on the ropeway Shaohua slowly upward, you will be surprised to find that the emperor of Zhangjiajie mountain forest clouds on the side, the nature of Jiuzhaigou lakes here. And every autumn, little Huashan everywhere Red Sea, so that visitors are completely immersed in layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, poetic tianranyangba. Hidden Dragon clouds winding majestic glass plank adventure less seven Huashan Qianlong Temple Scenic Area Project single project: the gods Taiwan, now long Ting, Pan Longdao, Qianlong, Hidden Dragon clouds, day Xian Ge, Ge first fully completed. Take less Huashan ropeway climbing tour, confused Valley, sparrow Valley, cockscomb peak, panoramic view of the East King peak, the white cliffs Valley, west of the small enough Valley, South to the Dragon Ridge, towering peaks, grotesque rocks. Out of the cableway, along the mountain trails upstream, the birds hover to the ear, and the eyes of a faint lie Yu Shanzhong ", is a cake pan long"! It is one of the highlights of less Huashan Qianlong Temple Scenic Area — Pan Long Road, Dragon Pavilion is the first dragon dragon, dragon cliff body, as if in the flow of visitors enjoy Longji walk, Pan Long winding majestic momentum, the integration of human and nature is a wonderful book! Take the Pan Long Road, across the high cliff over 1600 meters above sea level glass plank are testing your guts, the glass cliff hanging!相关的主题文章: