Accused of Hengdian sex trade, Wallace Huo sued NetEase activist awarded 100 thousand yuan


By referring to "Hengdian trade" Wallace Huo sued the NetEase rights awarded 100 thousand yuan Beijing News News (reporter Wang Wei) by suggesting that with Hengdian trading, Taiwan artist Wallace Huo NetEase website and network users Jiao Moumou court. Today (September 14th), Haidian court verdict NetEase to Wallace Huo compensation for mental damage compensation of 80 thousand yuan and reasonable litigation expenses 29120 yuan, Jiao Moumou to Wallace Huo compensation for mental damages 20 thousand yuan and reasonable litigation expenses 7280 yuan. Previously, the NetEase website "deep entertainment" article about Taiwan H surname male star of Hengdian "trick prostitute" published in the column, the network user name "Jiao Moumou with function of the public" this excerpt in Sina micro-blog account after the forwarded spread, and points to the star Wallace Huo. After Wallace Huo sued Guangzhou NetEase Computer Systems Co., Ltd., Jiao Moumou violation of its reputation. In September 14th, the Haidian court heard the case, the court of first instance that the NetEase and the source of Jiao Moumou and forwarding joint tort constitute a violation of the right of reputation of Wallace Huo company and NetEase, Jiao Moumou should bear the corresponding tort liability, so make the decision.相关的主题文章: