After the death of female students in Hunan Province after the death of photo shoot soulseek

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After the death of female students in Hunan Province, after the death of a photo shoot to donate the remains of the school after the summer vacation, Liu Yuan returned home in Siyang Linhe accompanied by parents. In July 6th, she felt her stomach full, very uncomfortable. In that they are suffering from advanced gastric cancer, in order to keep the family together in a beautiful and happy time, from Jiangsu Siyang 23 year old female college students Liu Yuan and his family took a photo in life, deathbed deterioration after, she made a compelling choice: to donate their bodies for medical research. To donate their organs to help people in need. The afternoon of October 27th, Liu Yuan ‘general life forever fixed in 23 years. She wanted to endure, parents see her strange, two days after the parents will be taken to the county people’s Hospital for examination, the conclusion of the whole family was shocked: abdominal water, was actually advanced gastric cancer. During her illness, she put forward a request to her parents: while she is not deteriorating condition and parents, brother went out to take a photo, as a souvenir. Life on his deathbed, told the parents of Liu Yuan, told his alma mater, her illness and organ donation idea, also commissioned by the county hospital her body was transported to the Nanjing Medical University for scientific research.相关的主题文章: