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"Aladdin and the magic lamp" exposure "hot eyes" stills released in November 18th – Sohu Aladdin entertainment and princess "shock" love Princess spicy eye HD Photo click into [shares] entertainment Sohu France annual box office champion "Aladdin and the magic lamp" in November 18th on the national mapping. The introduction of the film by the film China Co. company, Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd. issued, the famous director Arthur – Kevin Kang bonza directed, Adams, Jean Paul rouve, Vanessa, Audrey starring al lami. This is funny forced comedy fantasy adventure comedy, recently exposed a group of "hot eyes" stills, "hilarious" cure inherited earlier style. Hot to the depths show loving Aladdin "electric shock" feeling this "hot eye" stills, to highlight the princess and Aladdin "shock" romance, and her soul artist. In addition to the film revealed positive energy healing and fairy tale also joined the French epic, nonsensical comedy elements of love. In the film Aladdin which turned "travel" in Baghdad teenager, wishing lamp help, ignited a raging fire, fight with the villain subtly malicious dream lover, met the princess, with love and sincerity touched her heart. It is worth mentioning that the downtown fry Aladdin, after the emergence of garden show eye spicy, wit prick prime minister’s counsel…… Princess stills and Aladdin shy anger Satay optimistic cheerful temperament matched with Hui, especially the two "electric shock" love scene, the princess can jump behavior and bravery adorable girl nervous, opened a new door to the liberation of Baghdad women thought. The annual winter tonic Shiquan laugh fairy tale as a cool incoming standard French fairy tale nonsense comedy, "Aladdin and the magic lamp" in addition to inspirational elements everywhere positive energy, funny jokes and funny forced, vividly depicts a young? Silk is how the lamp God wishes both intelligent and courageous, step by step to win the princess. In the earlier exposure of the trailer, Aladdin opened the "old driver" mode, a word not just "sell", no desire for integrity, no limit skanky outwit the prime minister. In addition, it is the lamp and carpet bag, with the length of CG technology and combined with the reality, the reduction of 1:1 lamp cool appearance and super strength to cure the picture. It is reported that introduced by Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd, Huaxia Film Distribution Co. released the annual import comedy "Aladdin and fantasy comedy magic lamp" will be released on November 18, 2016 ".相关的主题文章: