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Annual income 120 thousand is high income? Media: Wulong public opinion behind anxiety comic Wang Shichuan (micro-blog) in October 23rd, an annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan is called high income groups, to tax "message widely circulated in a number of public numbers and circle of friends, in addition to the tax discontent," the annual income of 120 thousand yuan more than the standard, also triggered various tucao. Really have such a provision? Reporter access to the previous tax amendments, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation of many documents, including many times referred to high-income groups, but never had an annual income of 120 thousand yuan or more, this standard. If in the western region, an annual income of 120 thousand yuan, or a high income, but in the deep North of Guangzhou, with high income do not hang up. Taking Beijing as an example, assume that pre tax income is 10 thousand yuan, remove the five social insurance and one housing fund, only the remaining 7479 yuan after tax. In March this year, the average monthly rent of 69.27 yuan per square meter, even if the rent of a small house of 60 square meters, but also to $4156.2. Take away the food and drink, the traffic and the basic parties. Therefore, when the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan is called high income groups, to tax "after the news, many users have Tucao: indignant, 120 thousand really is not much ah, buy a car to be very careful in reckoning…… Now this price, life is very difficult, if not timely assistance, don’t add fuel to the flames! Those who do not know the truth, it is easy to anxiety. However, from the reporter survey, the news is not true. The State Administration of Taxation in 2006 "issued on the" personal income tax declaration measures (Trial) "requirements of the notice", an annual income of over 120 thousand yuan of personal income tax taxpayers shall, after the end of the tax year to the competent tax authorities for tax returns, but also did not say more than 120 thousand yuan annual income is high income. To increase the tax adjustment of high-income earners, there is a source, the latest source is issued by the State Council on the promotion of key groups to stimulate the vitality of urban and rural residents to implement the views of. As early as 2010, the Ministry of Finance on the relevant documents referred to the increase in tax adjustment for high-income earners". The following income tax relief for the middle, due to the high income tax regulation, the system design is the One principle runs through it all. The State Council issued the relevant opinions, the main purpose is to promote the income of urban and rural residents, there is no relationship with the tax reform. To increase taxes by the tax reform, is clearly untenable. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, it is clear that we should establish a comprehensive and classified personal income tax system. "13th Five-Year" plan also pointed out that "a combination of comprehensive and classification of personal income tax system". What is the combination of comprehensive and classification? Is no longer simply raise the tax threshold, but a comprehensive consideration of family income and other factors, with reference to the experience of developed countries, health care, education and other aspects of expenditure can be tax deductible. In this case, that the annual income of over 120 thousand yuan is called high income groups, to tax "is not true. However, a false rumors, "accidentally" causing public panic, caused a big public event, so many people worried and angry, quite worthy of pondering. Investigate its cause, the country相关的主题文章: