Before the end of the city of Hebei, the main city of the city is also full coverage of WiFi windjview

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Before the end of the main city of Hebei city to full coverage WiFi newspaper news (reporter Shi Yingjie) by the end of this year, including the key area of the train station, the park, Baoding city will achieve full coverage of free public wireless lan. It is reported that by the end of 2017, the province’s main city of the county level or above will be free to achieve full coverage of public areas WiFi. At present, Baoding City Information Industry Bureau led the preparation of the "Baoding city wireless local area network (WiFi) construction plan", involving 13 places and 104 regional hot spots, to deploy a total of 3095 AP, involving more than and 40 departments and units. The train station, bus station, medical institutions, administrative service center, development zone, libraries, parks, squares and other high traffic, long residence time, the use of mobile devices and high rate of public wireless LAN needs a large area of key areas. The wireless network is regarded as the fifth major public infrastructure after the water, electricity, gas and road. The day before, our province issued "on accelerating the development of wireless local area network (WiFi) Notice" construction and open free of charge, before the end of 2017, the main city of the province’s public areas at or above the county level city free WiFi coverage.相关的主题文章: