Behind the more high-end we should see this Yadi cashmere mafia


"Behind the more high-end" we should see such a Yadi Yadi recently, chairman Dong Jinggui secret Yadi more high-end strategy video became popular in the industry circle of friends. This is Yadi Z3 since its release, the industry for the first time to watch the video in the form of understanding to the head of the group with interpretation of Yadi positioning. Why can Yadi electric car companies in the talent shows itself to a multitude of distinctive features of the development of the road? The development of the industry in urgent need of enterprise reform is Yadi why? In fact, this is more of a hero or a hero for the times and the choice of answer. As early as three years ago, the number of domestic electric vehicles has been more than 200 million, far exceeding the number of motor vehicles. After more than twenty years of development, electric cars are gradually get rid of the attributes of grassroots attributes. Have to eat rice industry, natural to stride to eat rice level. While the electric car itself also long-term infiltration in the industry trend of uneven in quality, low-end products overcapacity, high-end products production capacity, which is also the problem plaguing the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. Performance in the terminal market, the long-term price war and promotion war overdrawn consumer brand recognition. So many people are keen to go to Japan even scouring the sea, special "grab rice cooker" and "buy toilet". As one of the most convenient means of transportation of the masses, the electric car carrying the country on the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, down to the consumer demand for the upgrading of the market demand for more and more young. Yadi issued a "high-end" strategy in early last year, the national strategy and people travel demand to do the most fitting and the occasional response. Yadi this action also shocked the industry, "why didn’t we think of?" Electric cars can also play high-end?" A time of affirmation and doubt coerced the whole public opinion. More than 100 Yadi electric car company, why dare to be the first? The blessing of "hard and soft power enterprises more high-end" strategy is not a slogan, "a window to show to the outside world but Yadi strong comprehensive strength after". Support manufacturing do more high-end high-end strategy is the key for the integration of the world’s leading Yadi resources, and Matsushita group, Italy genius design home Giovannoni, Austria SWAROVSKI, the United States electric motorcycle manufacturer Lightning Motors, Germany BASF automotive paint combination, to launch more high-quality electric cars. So consumers see "a year such as a new car in the terminal market, three years without failure, decent for five years" Platinum Edition Yadi electric car, to experience the car intelligent electric vehicles Yadi Z3 interconnection. In the design and manufacture field, Yadi has a unique resource integration and appeal, in the service channel, the enterprise has a car 4S customer service standard. It is reported that Yadi currently has 8622 customer service stores, consumers can almost in the administrative area of the country and township level to buy and enjoy the enterprise products and services. In sales, Yadi also made innovative services. Such as the purchase of Yadi Z3, Yadi will provide users with free delivery of the highest amount of up to 52 thousand yuan with car insurance "by Paul" — 1 minutes, half an hour for fast fast acceptance, 10 working days for fast.相关的主题文章: