Beijing – VIDEO – Nanning network anchor is dedicated to the dissemination of positive energy to mak-misao

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Beijing – VIDEO – Nanning network anchorwoman committed to the dissemination of positive energy to make money to support the dream [comment] using a virtual platform to showcase their many methods, network anchor is one of a new occupation. Since 2010, after the introduction of large-scale implementation of the software, the number of network anchor straight up every year. Although the regional broadcast platform varies, and live in different forms, but most anchors are young and beautiful girl. They have their own personality, the network has become their self assertive world. [interpretation] recently, the reporter interviewed the network anchor Pearl female. The 23 year old, looks sweet, bright pearl, in the university after a friend recommended to part-time network anchor, but originally her very confused. [the same period] (Pearl Network female anchor), for example, did not start popularity, no one to see me. Then don’t know how to live, because I am a what kind of character do I belong to me is cooked, I feel that I am like a crazy day like that character, but if I’m not familiar with you will think I am very cold. [comment] with friends often interact, slowly well, pearl has more than 13 thousand fans, fans from the age of 16 to 40 years. Pearl almost every day, live broadcast, her live content is to chat with friends, singing and other talent show. She admitted that the network will be a female anchor users received some unreasonable demands, but adhere to their principles is very important. [the same period] (Pearl Network female anchor) for me, is a circle of friends. Maybe when I first started to do a live broadcast, my dad told me a word that you want to be a good anchor. Because so many people look at you, you have to do your own, you have to bring positive energy to bring you the sun. So I have always been my father said this to my faith, and then do this thing, so I think everyone as a friend, that is a circle of friends, right?. Then share their the passions, and then share their loneliness, these happy unhappy things, so for me it is a circle of friends. [interpretation] pearl feel all the way to go more smoothly, after graduation, she formally signed a media company, now has been regarded as full-time female anchor. Monthly income of 2 to $30 thousand, is enough for their daily expenses. But now she is more to consider what kind of work they will do in the future, for her life is not the ideal shape for her, to raise money to become a star dream is. [in the same period], I am an ambitious man, I want to go… And I want to do more things, so I don’t feel enough. What do you mean by more things? My dream ah. What is your dream? My dream is, I say I feel a little cute. When the stars, yes, because I like to sing, and then I also continue to learn how to sing better. Then and now is not a Joker well, make money dream, so this way相关的主题文章: