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Beijing – VIDEO – thousand people eat Roasted Duck Yunnan Yiliang staged thousands of Iron Chef contest to eat Yunnan Roasted Duck Yiliang staged "Iron Chef" contest [comment] in September 24th, Yunnan Kunming Yiliang 2016 Roasted Duck delicacy Festival kicked off. In the morning, the streets of Yiliang staged a "Iron Chef" contest, more than 1000 people eat Roasted Duck game. At 10 in the morning, Yiliang Township Duck Lake Square on the crowded, thousands of people eat roast duck game registration office is very lively, whether it is foreign tourists or local citizens, have replaced the battle suit war. Table game players eat without taking into account the image of his face is oil, the audience laugh to tears after. After eating ducks, players have to carry the remaining duck bones to the designated place weighing, the remaining duck bones less than the prescribed weight, only to win. [over the same period] (eating roast duck contestant Mr. Zhu) hard to plug into the mouth, and then eat hard. This is a recipe for roast duck, as to what know-how can not be said, this is the key to our championship. [over the same period] (eating duck race player Mr. Guan) one is happy, excited, so eat fast, roast duck is also good. [comment] delicacy Festival, "Chef" of course also has a chef". In a street less than 50 meters, the duck race is also being held in full swing. The roast ducks from all over the world are baking their own work for the roast duck. The Roasted Duck masters in a specified time to bake the excellent flavor and taste of Yiliang Roasted Duck, is a considerable challenge. The game scene, let visitors taste delicious Roasted Duck unable to hide greeds. Fresh Roasted Duck moment was a long-awaited diners sold out. [the same period] (roast duck contest judges Lu Farong) as our evaluation criteria, one must look at the color, must be bright, transparent, crisp, crisp, tender. What do you want to see as a color? It depends on the color to be uniform, the skin can not be fried rotten, and it must be said that we burn red dates, this is right, if not a flower. [comment] Yiliang Roasted Duck has been 150 years of history, is famous throughout Yunnan, called Diancai leader, is one of Yunnan’s most popular traditional dishes. In the baking process, have higher requirements on time temperature etc.. Reporter Zhang Kunming reports相关的主题文章: