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Bin Chi XR-V long wheelbase than the cheap 20 thousand this SUV and T engine – Sohu automobile has been, 1.6L-2.0L naturally aspirated engine known as the golden power, but with energy saving and environmental protection consciousness is more and more popular in recent years, automobile manufacturers have to actively build small cars, especially the 1.2T 1.0T engine, is to replace the "golden power" the momentum. Early small displacement engine due to weak power chickens, has been considered not high. However, the automotive industry is in the continuous development and progress, the recent PSA, TOYOTA, Volkswagen and other car companies have launched their own 1.2T engine, but a stronger than a. These small displacement engine not only powerful, comfort is much stronger than in the past, gain a lot of fans praise. In addition, small displacement engine fuel consumption is low, but also to save taxes and fees, does have its own advantages. So in the above PSA, TOYOTA, Volkswagen these three 1.2T engine, which is the strongest? DearAuto deer for everyone finishing out: PSA 1.2T is the most powerful engine power, fuel consumption performance, the optimal price of the most prominent! 100kW 230Nm maximum power and peak torque of the engine, yes, all the data to the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 1.4T turbocharged engine (low power line has exceeded the Volkswagen 1.4T). It is worth mentioning that, PSA 1.2T also won the 2015 international best engine award, truly high performance, low fuel consumption, super smooth. After editing the test drive experience after that, and at the same level compared to PSA 1.2T engine open up especially awesome, a little meat, good handling. This is not to say that the French are still very serious? November 11th, 2017 Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR officially listed, priced at 10.88-17.18 million. The new car provides 3 kinds of power, including the new 230THP models, equipped with the PSA 1.2T engine. In addition, the official also launched Hyun gold version of the package, the price of 4500 yuan. The body size, the new measurements were 42621748 1557mm, wheelbase 2655mm, compared with XR-V (2610mm bin Zhi wheelbase), a cool (longer wheelbase 2555mm). One of the highlights of rich configuration is the car, the 2017 C3-XR standard LED daytime running lights, multifunction steering wheel, 7 Inch Touch Screen smart entertainment system, Grip control intelligent traffic adaptive system, 16 inch wheels and an engine start stop system. Intelligent vehicle high on separately equipped with cruise control, a key to start the system, keyless entry and Citroen Connect car interconnected system etc.. The new car also optional panoramic sunroof. The security configuration, the new standard with vehicle stability control system, brake assist system, reversing radar, reversing camera, rear and front double curtain airbags and other bilateral, intelligent.相关的主题文章: