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BroadLink we describe such a true virtual world BroadLink global ecological Partner Conference & #8212; & #8212; intelligent home telecommunications Tencent (Zhao Yang) recently, BroadLink in ecological Partner Conference released "CloudThink cloud solutions to" wisdom of the real estate, the next generation of the Internet of things "IoVT" concept. "CloudThink think cloud" is a smart real estate overall program, which makes different brands of different types of products to work stably in a system, through a super App (IHC life wisdom housekeeper) in local client and cloud good interoperability, and the ability of self-study, ability of self evolution. CloudThink cloud think smart real estate solutions currently mainly in two directions, the whole house of intelligence and community intelligence. The whole house intelligent part, CloudThink will be the integration of existing mature intelligent home control system, at the same time AI in the family has landed, integrated wired and wireless integrated product most mainstream, including switch panel, electrical lighting, security monitoring, air conditioning air, electric curtains, kitchen and bathroom etc. more than 100 international the domestic first-line brand products in the community; intelligent part, BroadLink hopes to build a smart community integrated open platform, the property maintenance, inspection and other functions of public facilities have been completed, the follow-up will open more access to the third party service. BroadLink released four real estate smart home packages, packages to use the package in the scene, according to the needs of the project to do personalized configuration. At present, BroadLink and China Merchants Shekou and Vanke reached a strategic cooperation and at the same time, poly, R & F, Longhu, Hengda, Greentown, Luneng, Biguiyuan, COFCO, gold and other Top developers have the depth of cooperation in the project. In addition, BroadLink also proposed the concept of IoVT virtual world. In the IoVT concept, networking is just a way to get real-world devices to the virtual world. In the virtual world, the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of things, people will become virtual pumping equipment, these virtual devices can be any combination of linkage, to provide decision-making and service better for the human brain by AI. On the other hand, everything in the virtual world can be mapped into our daily life through real devices. BroadLink believes that the development of IoT is divided into three stages: the first stage, our equipment through the network module from the physical world is connected to the digital world, and then return to the physical world, intelligent mobile phone to achieve 1 to 1 control. We call the "IoT intelligent hardware era"; the second stage, we have more and more equipment category is connected to the digital world, so we need super APP can be of different categories of different brands of equipment centralized control, interoperability between devices, data, realize the linkage between the control and the control equipment of the scene. This is the "IoT interoperability era"; the third stage, called "IoVT.相关的主题文章: