Catfish has caused 12 Zhejiang county (District) 533 thousand and 700 people affected in Beijing midd-885

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"Catfish" has caused 12 Zhejiang county (District) 533 thousand and 700 people affected – Beijing Youth Online (29 September, Hangzhou Youth Daily China youth online reporter Dong Bishui) reporter from the Zhejiang provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that, as of this morning, the typhoon "catfish" has caused 12 counties in Zhejiang province 3 city (District) 533 thousand and 700 people were affected. Suichang County, a village landslides, resulting in 20 houses were destroyed, lost 27 people, including 26 people and 1 were at the scene to organize the masses to transfer the town cadres. The "catfish" effect, Zhejiang province heavy rain, Wenzhou, Lishui, Huzhou and other places heavy rain, local heavy rainfall. In September 27th 8 to 29, 5, the province’s rainfall of 98 mm, 244 mm, Wenzhou City, Lishui City, Huzhou City, 175 mm, 109 mm, 429 mm, Wenzhou, Wencheng County, Taishun County, Cangnan County, 301 mm to 351 mm. 1 hours maximum rainfall for the city of Ruian Shun River Reservoir of 102 mm. The province’s rivers and water level rise, in September 29th 5, Aojiang, Qujiang, Feiyun River, Hangjiahu Plain, Yuci plain water system of 28 representative stations warning (guaranteed) level, the Pingyang County water station to ensure the water level 2.22 meters, Qingtian County, Zhen port station to ensure the water level 0.49 meters; 48 big medium-sized reservoirs over flood level. According to reports around the statistics, as of 5:30 today, the province has Wenzhou, Lishui, Huzhou and other 3 cities 12 counties (districts) affected by 533 thousand and 700 people. 122 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 32 thousand and 240 hectares, 16 thousand and 120 hectares of inundated area, an area of 2 thousand and 610 hectares of crops, 23 thousand and 400 tons of grain production, crop economic loss of 197 million 345 thousand and 400 yuan, the death of livestock 320, aquaculture losses 17 thousand and 600 tons; production enterprise 215, highway interrupted 703 times, 161 times the power interruption, communications interruption 28 times; damaged dikes 676, 37.89 km, damaged revetment 449 damage, 18 sluices, damaged hydro facilities 539. Tolls direct economic losses of 1 billion 430 million yuan, of which 424 million yuan of agricultural, industrial and transportation industry 547 million yuan, 256 million yuan of water conservancy project. The country reported, 1 people died (Anji county), 6 people missing (Wencheng County). Affected by heavy rainfall, September 28th at 17:28 PM, Haruki Su Village natural village north of the town of Suichang County landslides, caused 20 houses were destroyed, has initially identified 27 people lost contact, including 26 people and 1 were at the scene to organize the masses to transfer the town cadres. Suichang landslide disaster, the Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, acting governor of Che Jun immediately rushed to the provincial government office of emergency command, quickly organized forces, efforts to rescue the trapped personnel at the same time, pay attention to science rescue to prevent secondary disasters. As of today, 5, the province transferred a total of 295537 people, including Wenzhou, Lishui, 253805 people. Large and medium-sized reservoirs in the province’s total water storage capacity of 1 billion 319 million cubic meters, 300 million cubic meters of river drainage.相关的主题文章: