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"Chibi Maruko" today released the first classic childhood Chinese screen – Entertainment Sohu "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" release today and Andre sweet cotton candy [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news film "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" today national release. The film not only continue to interpret the childlike innocence, but also will show the ball with warm heart they grow up. It is reported that the movie version of "the cherry" is not only the first landing China screen, and Japanese original and Chinese dubbed version released simultaneously. Super surprise! The classic childhood again after a lapse of 23 years, the big screen animated classic "Chibi Maruko" is one of the world’s most famous animation works. The film with warm adorable characters and close to the ordinary story, harvest countless people love, sweet is contracted 80 a generation of childhood memories. After a lapse of 23 years to appear on the big screen "Chibi Maruko" movie finally landed major theaters nationwide for the first time today. Very touched! Sweet smile to the face film "Chibi Maruko parting from Italy youth" in the still innocent, naughty girl, eager to help foreign friends to find grandpa Andre’s good friend, and in the face and when parting friends to conceal the emotional side, outspoken nature lovable. In the movie, and my buddies and new friends meet the good, but also have to face the cruel, sweet tearful farewell scene, the friendship across borders to show warmth and moved. Too good-looking! The size of a friend praised the carnival as a masterpiece animated film the first half of the most warm heart of 2016, the film version of "cherry" not only let the children have fun, but also bring many adult audience wonderful memories of youth, in the film version of "cherry", not only to maintain the color of its sweet innocence, at the same time as the incarnation of the most warm small partner growth sentiment true meaning.相关的主题文章: