China’s renewable resource industry downturn practitioners 1 years more than 300 — energy —

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China’s renewable resource industry downturn   practitioners 1 years more than 300 — energy — affected by domestic and international economic situation, coupled with the industry no barriers to entry, the development of the industry is congenitally deficient, China’s renewable resources industry is experiencing winter market. The reporter from the recently held the second session of the Chinese renewable resources business leaders summit that, many renewable resources enterprises downturn, many small and medium-sized enterprises in production or semi shutdown state, the renewable resources industry is facing severe environmental challenges and development. The total output value and the recovery of renewable resources from the summit draw further apart "the reporter learned that, due to the main varieties of renewable resource prices continued to fall, renewable resource recycling enterprises output and profits continue to decline, the industry is weak. It is understood that, as of the end of 2015, China’s iron and steel scrap, scrap metals, waste plastics, waste tires, waste paper, waste electrical and electronic products, scrap recycling total cars, scrap vessels, waste glass, waste batteries ten categories of about 2.46 tons, an increase of 0.3%. Among them, the largest increase is scrapped cars; the largest decline is scrapped ship. Although the total recovery has increased, but the total value of the recovery has dropped significantly. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015, China’s ten largest varieties of renewable resources recovery value of $514 billion 940 million, mainly affected by the continued decline in the price of varieties, down by 20.1%. The largest decline, which fell by 47.2%. Comb out the summit of the information can be seen, the main varieties of renewable resources in China continued to decline. Sub species, due to a substantial decline in the price of iron ore, iron and steel enterprises in trouble with most of the iron ore, reducing the proportion of scrap steel, scrap iron and steel consumption resulting in negative growth, resulting in recycling of waste iron and steel fell sharply. 2015, China’s recycling of scrap iron and steel was 143 million 800 thousand tons, down by 5.6%, the price also fell sharply, with an average decline of about 30%, the magnitude of the decline is rare in history. Jiang Shengsan, President of China Association for recycling of renewable resources, said the impact of the domestic economy and international oil prices fell sharply, the poor performance of China’s plastics processing industry. Reporters learned that last year, the amount of recycled plastic waste is about 18 million tons, down by 10%. At present, the waste plastics recycling industry in large scale, but the overall quality level is low, and the general decline in the price of plastic waste, industry profits decline, last year China’s waste plastic recycling enterprises operating rate of around 50%. No barriers to entry to industry congenitally deficient Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015, the national recycling enterprises have 13, 7000 less than the year before; all kinds of recycling stations (points) 300 thousand, 50 thousand than the previous year to reduce about 15000000; recycling industry practitioners, about 3000000 less than the previous year. On the one hand, the number of enterprises and practitioners continue to decrease, on the other hand, because of the renewable resource recycling industry without the market access threshold, resulting in industry congenitally deficient. First, the industry competitiveness is not strong. Since the recycling of renewable resources industry has no market access threshold相关的主题文章: