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Chinese sensor industry system is becoming more and more perfect in the high-end products are still "short board" – Beijing, Beijing, October 30 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) "Chinese sensor industry has formed from the technical research and development, design, production to the application of a complete industrial system, some segments have been among the world’s leading level. But on the overall level, the domestic sensor products are still mainly in the low-end, the level of technology is relatively backward." October 30th, held in Jiangsu, Wuxi sensor technology and Industrial Development International Summit Forum, deputy director of the Ministry of electronic information division Qiao Yueshan said. Talking about the development of the status quo, Qiao Yueshan said: Chinese sensor sensor industry market, in the low-end products can be basically self-sufficient, but high-end sensor imports accounted for 80%, digital, intelligent, miniaturized products lack. It is understood that, during 12th Five-Year, China’s sensitive components and sensors industry to achieve an average annual growth rate of 20.9% high-speed development. Qiao Yueshan introduced in September this year, the Ministry officially released the "intelligent hardware industry innovation and development of the special action (2016-2018)" file, with "2025", "Chinese manufacturing Internet plus" action plan "and the national integrated circuit industry promotion program" vigorously promote the important position of sensor technology and sensor industry increasingly highlights. For Qiao Yueshan’s argument, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Microelectronics Institute director Ye Tianchun also agreed. It admitted that the basis of China’s sensor industry is still weak, although the training of a research and development team, with a certain technical reserves and basic. However, there are still some weak links, such as the small scale of enterprises, the lack of technical standards, the wide range of applications, the low level, the profitability is not stable". So, in this case, China’s sensor industry how to develop it? Qiao Yueshan suggested that the development of the sensor industry can not be separated from the application of the industry, in-depth excavation of health care, education, health care, industry and other areas of application needs, is the only way to speed up and strengthen the sensor industry. It points out that, at present, a huge demand for medical and health care, the State encourages the sensor, intelligent hardware business and health and pension institutions docking, integration of health data management, data and related health care service platform integration applications, and promote the application of intelligent medical health equipment in the diagnosis, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation and other aspects to strengthen the construction of medical data, cloud platform. "In the specific measures, we will strengthen policy guidance, improve the standard collaborative testing system, the development of entrepreneurship and innovation platform and build eco industrial system, and to study the development and application of intelligent hardware technology specification standard interface protocol specification development system; key control, push the data format and protocol standard equipment between the open sharing, promote Internet Interworking between products and systems; to encourage industry alliances and industry associations and other social organizations to carry out the pilot group standard, improve the rapid convergence mechanism and national standards and industry standards." Qiao Yueshan said that in the future will also select the advantages of the region to build a high level of intelligent hardware innovation platform for the provincial government, to support the local test bed, innovative platforms, such as the development of intelligent hardware public record,相关的主题文章: