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China Chinese exchange to build the golden service platform for the afternoon of November 13th, China successfully held the first phase of the Chinese Wenchuang financial salon, and investors were so creative industry development in the future. The event is the Chinese language exchange actively promote the culture + finance strategy, a useful attempt to serve the physical culture of enterprises. In order to accelerate the development of cultural and creative industries in Hunan Province, crack the problem of financing corporate culture has important significance. In the event, China Chinese Wenchuang gold exchange service center responsible person to "under the new norm, the financial market development" theme, the interpretation of the central policy on promoting the development of cultural industry, to the customer, in-depth analysis of the current situation of cultural and creative industries, cultural and creative enterprises financing way, investment recommendations. How to create new financing channels? China Chinese exchange Wenchuang gold service platform first Wenchuang private debt fund-raising project in the salon scene appeared, immediately aroused the customer interest, we actively questioning exchanges, have expressed their willingness to participate in the project financing, for the business to contribute to the development of. China Chinese exchange efforts to build the gold service platform will help "Internet plus" around all kinds of cultural and creative products, debt, equity and income rights, effectively open up the upstream and downstream transaction chain, further to a cultural entity business services, for the prosperity of the cultural industry to help. Sina collection cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章: