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Chinese mothers in the United States to educate the newborn baby, learn! My mother – Sohu gave birth to two children in the United States, there are family training before and after every wash family doctor let me benefit, my two baby babies cute like home without the baby, I even doubt they will not cry? Now my grandmother often take this silly laugh at me. After returning home to see friends or neighbors were small fathers tortured dead beat, will think mom written down, perhaps can help small fathers get confused, tired of the young mom and dad. For the birth of the baby how to teach it? Let’s look at this a few trick to teach you how to educate children. One trick: how to make the baby cry cry BABY are parents to teach them. Only the birth of small BABY do not understand, they rely on conditioned reflex to do judgment. Chinese parents hold up when they hear their children cry. JANE GU doctor repeatedly warned me: a child crying down, do not cry to hold up, just in turn. As a result, even a small child can understand, don’t cry when it is picked, it very soul. Let go of the crying child, watch the clock, don’t let her cry, wait 10 minutes. The first time can be set for 5 minutes, after a period of time, my first time there until 5 minutes, about 3 and a half when it stopped, I have her heart he was going to cry, must endure. Let the children know that crying is not called the mother. Training "don’t cry child" to rule out 4 other reasons for crying: urine, sick, hungry, sleepy. God bless you, my two children will have no reason to cry, cry out occasionally as sport is very few, and the girl Miu Miu 100% is a happy baby, lying in bed all giggled child. Trick two: how to make the new baby sleep doctor repeatedly criticized me: you are not a good mother, the next child to sleep, the next mother is a good mother, you are not! Every time I go to see a family doctor I have been criticized, because I have to feed 1-2 times in the evening, complaining that the child is very tired tired. The doctor told me that humans do not need to eat at night! I am silly to ask, why? Doctors have no choice but to say: because we are human! I am very impressed, girl dad has long been bent over laughing. Obviously, I’m afraid BABY night hungry is redundant, continuous 10-12 hours of sleep, for children 100 times more important than the nurse! We are badly tortured by the eldest girl, at night to eat a bad habit of milk has been extended to nearly 2 years old. Pension two times according to the doctor said, let my husband and I completely freed from birth to one week of my wonderful trained 5 hours before feeding, 2 weeks later, the children will be able to sleep at dawn. Don’t need milk at night! (three exclamation points are your mothers remember ") trick three: how to make their own baby to sleep, do not shake the doctor said, a happy BABY will sleep in bed singing (not singing, baby babbling)! Babies need most of their time in bed相关的主题文章: