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China tourists affect world economy (the new image of the China visitors reported) – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Chinese tourists affect world economy (the new image of the China visitors reported in foreign tourists consumption) Chinese National Tourism Bureau recently released data show that in 2015 China residents travel volume of 4 billion 120 million passengers, an average of nearly 3 times in a travel each country. Among them, China outbound travel up to 120 million passengers. China’s contribution to the world economy, according to statistics, in 2015, the scale of China’s outbound tourism shopping has reached 684 billion 100 million yuan, of which the proportion of free travel tourists accounted for more than 80%. From the regional distribution, Chinese tourists in Japan, South Korea and Europe and the United States, the per capita tourism spending has more than 7000 yuan. At Heathrow Airport in London, only 1% of the China visitors have created 25% duty-free sales. 2015 Chinese outbound tourists per capita consumption of up to 11625 yuan. This is due to the upgrading of Chinese tourists travel consumption, free travel tourists willing to spend more money to go shopping and taste food. Now Chinese tourists pay more attention to the quality of tourism, generally speaking, the better the quality of tourism services need a higher level of consumption. According to China associate professor of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy Wei Xiang introduced, some villages in northern Europe, B & B one evening 200 euros, even more expensive than some star hotel. But to start love and pay attention to the quality of tourism of the personalized tourism China tourists, these prices are not obstacles. Chinese tourists to enhance the quality of consumption led to a rise in consumption. Tourism investment has been a unique project for foreign tourists. For example, Spain Gomera due to climate, an exquisite scenery, away from the big city for tourists, many European countries favored investment. Today, Chinese tourists outbound tourism is not just a holiday, more people in the holiday, but also do not let go of overseas investment opportunities. China business group chief operating officer Wu Ya said: "some of the visitors to the United States, such as Malaysia’s tourism resort, feel the local environment is very good, why would the purchase of real estate is not there, instead of staying in a hotel." According to Wu Yadang, the Chinese investment in the United States has more than $1 billion 100 million. It is reported that in London, Australia, because of the investment of Chinese tourists to buy, resulting in local prices rise in some areas. United Nations World Tourism Organization data show that since 2012, China has become the world’s largest outbound tourism consumer for many years, the contribution of the global tourism revenue of more than 13%. In 2015, the number of Chinese outbound tourists and spending continued to rank first in the world, an increase of 25% over the previous year. Since the world financial crisis in 2008, China’s outbound tourism and foreign investment in China have played an important role in the recovery of the world economy. Chinese tourists to travel safety with experience for many years in the first place Beijing Golden Sunshine International Travel Guide Ms. Lee, she thinks the tourists when choosing travel destinations, will give priority to the national security situation. She said: "if the country of destination is located near the country of war, or there will be security risks, travel相关的主题文章: