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Depth evaluation of the secret: three real estate APP which is strong in the end – the loss of real estate science and technology Sohu, and more will be homeless. To buy a handy tool for real estate APP is also very important. When the golden nine silver ten, Xiaobian to still struggle, and the house is sold on you choose three of real estate APP most of the mainstream market in-depth assessment, assists everyone buying big industry. According to the evaluation results, anjuke with leading market coverage and product function of APP to become the real estate index is the highest; Soufangwang (real world) has obvious advantages in the decoration business; chain of product experience is good, but there are obvious shortcomings in city housing coverage and comprehensive functions of. [market position] mobile Internet era, a product is good or bad, can be seen from the consumer usage. The evaluation of the selected Soufangwang (room world), chain home, live off three real estate APP, from the application of market rankings and installed capacity and other hard data, the APP is currently the top APP of the top three real estate market. Let’s take a look at APP store on the performance of living in a big class anjuke ranked seventh, is the real estate APP life ranked first; SouFun ranked eleventh in the big class, property class second; chain home followed, ranked twelfth in the categories of life. Property class third. We look at the three real estate APP Android devices in major application markets, because the chain has two APP, is a nationwide, there is a Shanghai Suzhou version, the two APP performance are put up: can be seen from the application of the market place, housing passengers were ranked first in the mainstream market Android, millet found room in the application market is slightly higher than that of anjuke. The chain home in the Android market rankings and the previous two big difference. Here we look at the three downloads: APP downloads, although each APP in the major application market performance is not the same, but overall, anjuke and housing is the largest volume of real estate APP download. The housing has an advantage in the 360 mobile phone assistant and HUAWEI application market, but is far away in the Baidu mobile phone assistant. Chain home downloads and the first two are not at a competitive level. Market position summary: anjuke * assumes: the mainstream market ranked first, to maintain the leading position. SouFun (real world) assumes that the mainstream market ranked second, slightly lower than anjuke. Chain of home. By two APP, the mainstream market ranked third. [comprehensive] coverage of the city and the business is also a threshold for our investigation of real estate APP. We first opened three APP city selection: you can tell by the classification of switching of the city by covering the city a lot, SouFun (real world) to live – use the Pinyin room, the chain of family because the city rarely, simply you can list. SouFun (room world) covering up to 651 cities, covering the widest range of live off for the 500, the basic realization of the major cities in china.相关的主题文章: