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"Distant" remembrance of things past – Sohu launched tonight warm entertainment   "the distant distance" tonight warm entertainment news by broadcasting Sohu directed by Wang Yiming, Zhang Bo, Xu Baihui, Ren Donglin, Xu Xiaosa and other powerful actors starring in big drama "distance" tonight landing Shandong TV prime time Libra theatre. The play warm tear poke people, with realistic story lines and pure aesthetic feelings, shows a joy and tears, spanning thirty years of wind and rain. Thirty years of happy tears and rain love youth Su Yang (Xu Baihui) and lover Zheng Xiangdong (Zhang Boshi) love, but because of some misunderstanding and repeatedly missed. Gloomy character Si Mengnan (Ren Donglin ornaments) love Su Yang has been a long time, it is to cause trouble, three people fell into endless emotional entanglements, across the rain for thirty years, once ignorant youth to find the true meaning of life in the baptism of years finally. The elegant Su Yang and man of the full Zheng Xiangdong Jintongyunv, fancy show affection, staged at that time rare "romantic", Si Mengnan to snatch Su Yang nothing, Zheng Xiangdong attracted three people armed with bricks and rush, the SM officially started. The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when two people clearly love each other, but can’t be together. Su Yang and Zheng Xiangdong is lopsided, saying "the furthest distance in the world is also more distant between you and me." people feel sad. Revisit time warm inspirational shengsijie Su Yang decided to experience a smile for life all suffering. Zheng Xiangdong has been adopted with Su Yang and Si Mengnan’s children, but do not know how to tell the truth; for Su Yang assured Zheng Mu, sun Qianya and Zheng Xiangdong personally match together; and Si Mengnan because of love and hate, set a trap, Su Yang and Zheng Xiangdong was forced to go to Eastern Europe for business, but not to get involved in a more the plot, in being chased escape the birch forest, a life and death struggle, a love and love the distance, is the furthest distance in the world is slowly melting…… A pair of former lovers to look back, when the youth has been abandoned for thirty years. From the love to the reality and stop at nothing, helpless into marriage face, are portrayed from expanding start at the beginning of the hardships to strive to business, is a youth inspirational hundred-percent growth history. The whole drama is warm, relive that time, pay tribute to the dead innocent years, interpretation of what is "the most distant distance". Tonight, every day 19:30 Shandong satellite TV "far away" wonderful show.相关的主题文章: