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Don’t squeeze the nipple! In particular, the female baby – Sohu maternal and child of the older generation, said: "the baby does not squeeze nipple will lead to a large breast", "the baby does not squeeze nipple nipple nipple easily after growing up". Is this really the case? Does Bao Baozhen need to squeeze nipples? Mom for you to uncover the kangaroo. What are the causes of neonatal breast swelling? Born in a week or so, whether male or female, the baby breast will appear mild swelling phenomenon, like the small bean size, large walnut and even so big, some babies can even see the areola, there will be a small amount of milk overflow. See here, some parents will say, want to hurry to the nipple nipple"! Kangaroo mom would say, "stop quickly!" Because this is a normal physiological phenomenon. In the fetal period, children are required to learn the growth of nutrients from the mother body through the placenta, in this process, there are also some of the material does not need to be passed to the fetus through the placenta, such as a small amount of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. After the baby is born, these hormones can cause a sudden interruption of supply, the effect of prolactin release and stimulation of breast hyperplasia, breast swelling and secretion of milk. After 2~3 weeks, the body of the newborn from the mother to accept the hormone levels gradually reduced, and finally all decomposed and excreted in the breast swelling phenomenon will disappear, no special treatment. So, the old "boy will lead to breast nipple is not crowded bigger", "girls grow up will cause the nipple squeeze the nipple or breast tube obstruction" argument is not scientific. Squeeze the nipple squeeze too much harm to the baby breast is a very dangerous thing. See an example: a newborn baby girl a few days, because of local customs, grandma will give her squeeze the nipple, said to prevent the nipple after feeding, the baby nipple is to crush the results of serious infection, even after the rescue lives comfortably, but left an ugly scar, will lead to the development of bilateral asymmetry later, will also affect the feeding, innocent baby became a victim of ignorance. Why is there so much harm to the baby? This is because the baby’s skin is very delicate, weak resistance, squeeze the nipple may cause damage to the baby’s skin, breast redness caused by bacteria take advantage of a weak point, heat pain and other inflammatory reaction, leading to the occurrence of mastitis. If the swelling range, but also accompanied by high fever (39 degrees or more), refused to milk, sleep disturbed symptoms. If the bacteria spread in the body, but also may cause septicemia, endangering the lives of newborns. Neonatal breast care 1, pay attention to keep the breast clean and dry. To the baby to clean the breast, we must avoid the hard squeeze or scrub, so as not to damage the baby’s delicate skin. 2, compared to the new clothes, clean cotton old clothes more soft, can avoid the delicate skin worn. 3, when the newborn baby’s breasts appear mild swelling, parents can gently scrub the swelling site with physiological saline, or with 0.5% of the active iodine smear. I say: Kangaroo for newborns,.相关的主题文章: