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"Eleven" travel to see big data   Baidu Gould also "fight" –IT– people.com.cn original title: "eleven" travel to see big data Baidu Gould also "fight" if you don’t want to "eleven" holiday where big data might help you choose smarter. Whether it is "not blocking the prophet" route planning, or popular scenic peak travel, even the peak queue restaurant list, companies are using the power of data, make travel tips for consumers. Various versions of the Raiders behind the trap, a data ability of the PK game is being staged. Peak travel to 30, 15 points ahead of Baidu and people.com.cn according to public opinion monitoring room jointly issued the "2016 eleven travel forecasting big data report", October 1st 8 and October 7th 16 of the highest level of road congestion. On the highway, highway traffic in Guangzhou, Sichuan, Tianjin and Hebei will peak, October 1st out of jam sessions covering all day long day, October 7th to 22 return congestion periods at 15. Travel travel drops joint Ali released "eleven big travel forecasting data report" shows that holiday travel peak will appear in September 30th, the day of the evening peak time will be 2.5 hours in advance, from 15 at the start of the evening rush into the state, and continued until 19. By then, the country’s major cities, the average speed will decline by 15%, go to the railway station, airport time will increase by more than 20%. Ctrip data show that due to the number of trips focused, large traffic, the country’s major airports will usher in the peak of civil aviation passenger travel from September 30th to October 1st. Due to the impact of road and airport security upgrade, it is recommended that passengers at least 3 hours before the flight departure, to avoid misuse. Many people love to go to Shanghai Disney, where "eleven"? Big data also gives the answer. Baidu big data show that this year, eleven holiday, north, on the broad, deep is still the most popular travel destination. Ancient town tour this year, some of the decline in the heat, natural scenic spots more sought after. Especially in the areas of natural scenery, Jiuzhaigou, Inaki Ading, Tibet, Dunhuang, Linzhi and other places as a popular destination for driving; Qinghai Lake, Changbai Mountain, Huangguoshu Waterfalls and other natural landscape heat is not low. Drops and Ali data show that in the domestic tour, Lijiang, Kunming and Beijing ranked among the top three cities. In terms of outbound travel, Thailand, Japan, South Korea is the most popular country. According to the data, where to go to the Imperial Palace, Shanghai Disney Park, Sanya Wuzhizhou island and Jiuzhaigou became the most popular book of the scenic spots. From the city, Beijing, Sanya, Chengdu, the most popular. In terms of outbound tourism, in addition to Southeast Asia and other popular tourist city, many small destination due to visa concessions and the opening of direct flights good become popular, such as Mauritius, Morocco, Egypt, La Reunion Island sought after by tourists. The big data will fight big data to predict traffic become popular behind the phenomenon, is a major city "Internet plus traffic" services to enhance the ability of the mark, is the enterprise technology strength)相关的主题文章: