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Do poineering work 12 years how UC is a step by step into a media distribution platform interface was not called browser after Xiao UC. Yesterday, UC browser officially upgraded to UC, to achieve a new media platform for big data upgrade. From the browser to the platform change, can be said to be the largest transformation in the history of UC. In addition to the platform in the direction of development, UC also officially released a large data driven independent information applications, UC headlines, while UC headlines international UC News also unveiled in India, Mumbai. UC was founded in 2004, this year has been established for 12 years. He Xiaopeng recalled the 12 years of entrepreneurial history, the entire entrepreneurial process is really full of all kinds of hardships, happiness, anxiety, pain. At the end of each year, we would say that the next year will be a very difficult year, and then we will not dare to say it." He Xiaopeng is such a sense of crisis in the entrepreneurial process, can make UC development in the wave of mobile Internet has survived, and constantly dividing new products, finally established in UC Al Ali entertainment digital media platform is the most important sector in the position. UC was founded in 2004, is the beginning of the China Mobile internet. From the earliest information navigation to the full coverage of the current information, the history of the development of UC with the history of the development of mobile Internet is closely linked. "In the course of the development of UC, we have experienced three major crises and the important innovation of the two times." He Xiaopeng recalls. UC was born, when China’s mobile Internet has just begun to develop. UC cloud compression technology will be applied to the mobile browser, greatly saving the time to load the phone to visit the site and traffic costs, so many Chinese users for the first time to achieve a mobile internet. UC also to fame, become the largest mobile phone browser Chinese. This is UC’s first innovation. Although the rapid development of UC technology innovation in the early stages, but He Xiaopeng admitted that from 2004 to 2007, UC is actually experiencing the first crisis. He Xiaopeng said, at that time, we have only 17 people, for several months we are borrowing money wages." Yu Yongfu joined UC in 2007, UC team began the two venture. "At that time to Yongfu strongly recommend that we are in transition, we do from the mobile Internet software company, began to embrace the internet." That is, from the beginning of 2007, UC began to divest non core business, focusing on mobile browser. Since 2006, UC has launched a smartphone version of the browser, but He Xiaopeng did not expect the Android system will develop as quickly. I was very impressed by the NOKIA growth fund is our shareholders, we open the board of directors when asked how to look at Android NOKIA, apple changes from the point of view. Although they attach great importance to, but in fact, all people can not think of, Android can get up so fast in one to two years." He Xiaopeng said. UC in 2009 began a comprehensive"相关的主题文章: