Fashion premiered on Yang Zi Qiao Zhenyu to marry this cures don’t laugh (video)

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"Fashion" premiered on Yang Zi Qiao Zhenyu to marry this cures "laughing disease" [Yang Zi Qiao Zhenyu] × "marry" life fashion version of the promo film and television entertainment news by Tencent Dalian Wuzhou Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Sheng Xi CTS culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Ceng Xiaoxin directed, Chen Dongdong served as producer, Chen Yan served as script planning Chen Shu, Liu Qian, Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu, screenwriter, Athena Chu, Wu Gang starring Li Ping, Ning Danlin, Zhou Shixuan, ANN, King Yu Yuexian, Greenfield co star, Guo Xiaoting starred friendship multi-dimensional "married" marriage Drama Fashion tonight will be landing in Liaoning TV premiere. The play, Qiao Zhenyu, Yang Zi of the high yen value CP to break the age difference, staged a smile tears flying love comedy. This section does not have the "tricks for dark ‘" story, so the play also become the city in a stream, a small universe of positive divergence. Qiao Zhenyu, the first time the gold medal lineup gathered in the hands of the first time with a face, the drama market, Yan value has become a part of the ring can not be ignored, Yang Zi. If the eyes closed can not get through, it can only be the audience ruthless ugly refused". The "big marry fashion" in the actor collocation is the perfect combination of the value and acting. Costume male god Qiao Zhenyu has been active in the screen, the phenomenon of "big drama Qi Tan" in the shape of Christine Ouyang less acclaimed, this time, he will tear up the "gods" label, in cold tongue cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao. Popular small artistes Yang Zizheng to cool the image of Lu Xueqi Swordswomen occupied the screen, now becomes a careless wedding company "big brothers" summer burning, double contrast image. "Gong" and "Lu Xueqi" for the first time in hand, the chemical effect of exciting. In addition, Athena Chu, Wu Gang, Li Ping and other old drama of bone, and is safe, Ning Danlin and other new generation faces more effort to join, enriched by a lot of drama. On the other hand, the drama of the same creative team called the golden configuration. Director Ceng Xiaoxin, who directed "Phineas hero", "our 80s", "Epiphyllum dream" and other hit series, "our 80s" with a score of 8 in the bean. The writer is the new generation of the new generation of screenwriter screenwriter, embroidered spring knife, love in the city and other works are derived from their pen. High quality production team assembled, strive to give a stand of the audience, realistic piercing eye boutique drama. Don’t laugh than love for treating a variety of drugs can not stop "marry" tells the story of fashion years of love and marriage on the eve of the gold cosmetic doctor Zhihao dumped the wedding planner to contract the ways of love burning summer began living together, then launches a funny than the laughter and tears flying love story. Is the so-called friends, ancient CP, two people in the same way along this road. One of them is ice, a fire and ice collision broke out a series of chain reaction. Embarrassed things, laughter, hot scenes, one after another, mutual dislike figth, and occasionally staged "quanwuhang", two people to mobilize the body’s organs, the strength of the interpretation of drugs can not stop love. From the exposed trailers, always serious veteran Qiao Zhenyu this can be described as "sacrifice" is quite big. Play cos, dazuizhang are just appetizers, do not like "beauty"相关的主题文章: