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Fashion: the skin is so dry, do not change the makeup! The autumn season, the skin problem is very distressed people, outside dry, and facial oil secretion, oil and water do not have, obviously feel the skin dry, timely attention to moisturizing also does not seem to be in perfect condition. This would like to use makeup to modify face, create a good skin, the makeup is more difficult choice of an upgraded version of the. If you continue to use the summer makeup, not only is the card floating powder, powder, skin problems also appear more serious. In fact, you also need to finish the season. Liquid foundation is the most widely used of makeup, can be used throughout the year, compared with the foundation cream moisturizing effect, liquid foundation oil control effect is relatively better. But to the autumn and winter, it is possible to choose some of the relatively high degree of moisture, with nutrients in the foundation. Dior DIOR living Yan Siyue nectar essence foundation   the foundation of $1000 DIOR, not only as a qualified liquid foundation, both nourishing effect, just listed on the critically acclaimed, and is very suitable for mature muscle. High density components contained in the pearl liquid foundation will bring luster, let the skin like put on costumes as full of radiance sense. The rose component can regulate the skin, effective anti oxygen, and even some of the naked eye can not be seen in the skin inflammation was also subsided. The whole bottle looks very simple and elegant, with a liquid foundation   DIOR unique woman full of flavor is also very special. YSL Yan live Youth Foundation Laurent $620 Japanese website statistics winter skin problems before three is dry, pores and wrinkles. YSL this liquid foundation on the perfect solution to these three problems, the network called this one for     ‘    goddess foundation liquid’, in the liquid foundation sector, it is also a breakthrough product. To break the traditional limitations of solid liquid foundation, powder, water and alcohol was replaced by 100%, so you can clearly feel it more than ordinary skin moisturizing foundation, not only can heal dry skin, moisturizing effect, Concealer effect is also very good, skin problems generally can cope with. Estee Lauder  Estee Lauder crystal Qin white essence foundation     $470 summer skin has been suffering the sun, how had white skin was tanned with a degree, the summer is over, natural to start maintenance. This is a liquid foundation with the highest concentration of whitening essence, not only can brighten the dark skin, but also dilute the uneven skin, dark spots, fine lines and case. And will form a hyaluronic acid moisturizing membrane on the skin layer, can improve the "hydraulic lock", the skin water Lingling touch feel easy to find. Although very moist, but hiding power intensity is also very awesome, let the skin like shelled egg. The design of small dropper, take the amount of more accurate. Frost foundation gives a person a kind of very strong impression, but it has long been相关的主题文章: