Father 20 thousand yuan to sell his son sold out of the age of 1 to go to Internet cafes to play gam-brock lesnar

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My father sold 20 thousand yuan sold out 1 year old son went to Internet cafes to play game news "the cruel father 20 thousand yuan to sell more than 1 year old sons" he said unable to raise money, figure sub selling; loving couples buy child adoption intention to. Results all arrested…… Father failed to sell cable arrears Baojia bargain to 20 thousand yuan to sell his son, because the buyer owes $3000 not to, the man Liu arrow always brood on to the Public Security Bureau police said, will give adopted son unable to contact. Sanya City Public Security Bureau found the police precinct police investigation, this is to give the name of adoption, for the purpose of illegal profits betrayed his own children suspected of child trafficking crimes. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter trainee reporter Liang Zhenwen Li Sheng Fu Baojia is found out to sell the case in July 24th, home in Sichuan County, now rented in Sanya Liu arrow to the Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau the branch police said, because you have no economic ability to raise a child, by Tang Mouwu introduced his son for adoption after her now to see the side of his son, but not contact. Liu Moujian said the alarm, June 16th or 17 days after Tang five, he will be the children sent to Sanya West bus station, a couple of strangers to each other, a black car drove his son away. And said, if the police don’t believe him, can monitor the transfer of the West bus station before to confirm. When the police asked Liu arrow how understanding Tang five, how is the child to the strange couple and other key information, said Liu Moujian, asked about specific, he wanted a way to mix in the past. Since Liu arrow do not know Tang five, how he is introduced through the Tang Dynasty, the child will be given to the strange couple of the five. Liu Moujian abnormal behavior, so that the police suspect. Police preliminary judgment, which is likely to be illegal trafficking in children. Have to know Tang five is a commercial street, Sanya, a cafe staff, the afternoon of July 24th, police investigators and Liu arrows went to check the Internet cafe…… Finally, Liu arrow to give the name of adoption, for the purpose of illegal profits selling son suspected of child trafficking crimes has been lifted. A word of intent to disclose the idea of selling children had, Liu arrows often to Sanya City Commercial Street, a cafe to play games. And a game is a day, and sometimes even play all night. Tired of a break in the cafe, wake up and then continue to play. One day in June, Liu arrow with 1 year old son to play online games, he completely ignored his son, let his son walk around in the cafe, the child is hungry no matter. Tang five see children playing around in the cafe, both parents also kindly shouted: "who is this child ah, do not want to look at, how to do in case of being abducted?" "Who loves to go away, I do not want to raise." Is to play up Liu arrow echo. The speaker has no intention listener. Liu said this arrow, Tang five mind in mind, and asked whether Liu really do not want to raise a child. After learning that Liu would like to send the child after the adoption of the child, Tang five immediately called Fu Mouxiu, asked if there is no one wants to adopt a child. 20 thousand after selling his son to go to Internet cafes to play games.相关的主题文章: