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Female students killed drunk case follow-up: procuratorate to revoke the original decision not to prosecute – Beijing, the original title: Hunan female students killed drunk case follow: Changsha city procuratorate to revoke the decision not to prosecute the morning of September 14th, Hunan female students drunk killed the case with the latest progress of. The mother of the girl who died of drunkenness had received the decision of the Changsha Municipal People’s Procuratorate for criminal appeal review in the Changsha municipal procuratorate. Changsha city procuratorate revoked the Changsha County people’s Procuratorate, the decision not to prosecute, by the Changsha County prosecutor’s office is not prosecuted Wang to rape the people’s Court of Changsha County prosecution. That was Changsha Municipal People’s Procuratorate, were not prosecuted by the victim Wang Pei Pei drunken stupor and their sexual relationship, belonging to other means to rape women, their behavior violated the "PRC Criminal Law" Chinese 236th the provisions of the first paragraph, shall be subject to criminal liability for rape. In this case, Wang Pei Pei for the day of the incident occurred after drinking alcohol poisoning killed the results do not have the conditions should be predictable, subjective subjective does not conform to the criminal negligence, Wang did not constitute a crime of negligence causing death. Therefore, the complainant Hwang on the grounds of the constitution of the crime of rape Wang was established, on the grounds of the formation of the cause of death of Wang’s appeal is not established. Changsha County people’s Procuratorate of Wang made the decision not to prosecute misconduct, Changsha revocation of Changsha County City People’s Procuratorate people’s Procuratorate decided not to prosecute the "book", by the Changsha County Procuratorate of the person who is not to be prosecuted for the crime of rape Wang to the Changsha County people’s court prosecution. (CCTV reporter Zhao Xufei) Hunan a drunken girl died after the prosecution case whether the alleged rape case review in May 12, 2016, the Hunan Phoenix eighteen year old girl Pei Pei, in the school near the hotel drunken died a year later, Hunan province Changsha Changsha County Procuratorate issued a no indictment, identified with Pei Pei in the room that night a king the alleged rape crime facts unclear, insufficient evidence, Wang made the decision not to prosecute. This is not an indictment that Pei Pei family does not accept the complaint and, in August 5th, Changsha city procuratorate bulletin, said the case was already. > > > read in detail相关的主题文章: