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Follicle is very vulnerable to do a stream of people on the quality of decline – Sohu maternal and child for women, the quality of the follicle is very important, but for pregnant women is more important. Want to make the follicle health, not only need careful care, but also with the behavior of life is inseparable. If the follicle is healthy, menstruation is normal. Follicles will also affect the mood, it is more lively, you are able to withstand the pressure of the stronger, insomnia, irritability and other workplace diseases will be away from you. Healthy follicles are more likely to mean that you have a strong ovary and uterus, and you don’t have to worry about having a "safe" pregnancy. Follicle formation in the fetal period affected by the age of the woman’s follicles as early as in the fetus, the older, the more affected by the environment and the environment. With the growth of age, ovarian function is also gradually degenerate, it is easy to cause abnormal chromosome, affecting fertility and even infertility. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the quality of the follicle, which is very important and easy to be neglected. If it is a lack of developmental potential of the follicle, then it is not even after fertilization, and the ability to implantation and fetal development. Detection of hospital quality test follicle most insurance we will use the ovulation test strips and ovulation test strips have been undetectable strong positive, it is possible that the follicle quality is not high, not long mature when he was discharged. But this is only a kind of sex, because the individual hormone levels are different, some people even in accordance with the laws of ovulation, ovulation test is also not strong positive. However, the accuracy of the test paper is not high, or go to the hospital to compare insurance. The best in the twelfth day of the menstrual cycle to the hospital to do ultrasound monitoring, monitoring the development of ovarian follicle. If you need to know the amount of follicle reserves can be detected anti Mullerian hormone AMH. The maintenance of follicles in daily life to do and not do 1, let more healthy follicles during menstruation iron oil massage is a kind of "ovarian maintenance" is popular now, but because the essential oils used for ovarian maintenance of uneven in quality, substandard of essential oil into the body, it will affect the endocrine level, even lower follicle activity. During menstruation, menstruation will take away the body of a large number of iron, and iron can provide sufficient nutrients to the follicle. It is recommended that the menstrual eat spinach, animal offal, such as high-speed rail food, so that more healthy follicles. 2, the flow of people and the quality of the drug of the greatest enemies of the enemy has shown that every time an abortion, the quality of follicles decreased by 6%. Analgesia stream of people will make the inner wall of the ovary thinning, decreased follicle activity. The best way to do this is to use condoms, not contraceptives. Whether long-acting contraceptives or emergency contraceptives, will disrupt the hormone levels in the body, affecting the quality of follicles. A survey of more than 4000 women in Europe shows that, on average, people who take at the age of 25~35 take 77 pills a year, which makes the body’s follicle activity less than that of people who don’t need it. 3, a little bad habits affect the quality of the follicle in some women invisible suction相关的主题文章: