Foreign media US Philippine relations for the South China Sea issue indispensable but the two countr

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Foreign media: US Philippine relations for the South China Sea issue "indispensable" but the two countries or distant data figure: Philippines defense dongdang aircraft carrier visited the South China Sea original title: foreign media: Philippine relations because of the South China Sea issue "indispensable" but the two countries or to alienate the foreign media reports, the Philippine relations in the past but also very close although striking one snag after another. Now Duthel Te said he doesn’t love the Americans, the Philippine US relationship into a "new normal". For the next six years, Washington’s estrangement from Manila is not impossible. According to the "Philippines Daily Inquirer" website reported on September 12th, according to the German Lhasa University Political Science professor Richard · Haidalian Chinese said, in the South China Sea is more and more strong, the Philippine "absolutely necessary" security relationship, but it is clear that in the Duthel presidency, the United States can no longer expect in Philippines the same extent in the United States, in the diplomatic strategy to support the United States. Haidalian commentary in Asia maritime transparency initiative website said: "this is the new normal relationship between philippine." Haidalian said, Duthel Te announced in Philippines that the current implementation of the independent foreign policy, "this is a loud and bold policy statement, because Philippines is an extremely pro american society, the country’s intellectual and security forces have a strong sense of closeness to the United states". Reported that the dispute with Obama, Duthel Te began to its supporters and opponents made it clear that he is not an ordinary politician, Duthel Te announced the 10 Philippines independent foreign policy. He had with President Obama had a serious dispute, ASEAN Summit held in Laos on the day before, the participants have to gossip. The ASEAN summit is Walter to Philippines’s new leaders as the first foreign visit, he would have met with Obama on the sidelines of the summit period. But he delivered a long speech in the fierce saying "bitch", two of the talks this fall. The reason is Walter swearing, he was told that the 5 day journey to Laos, the leaders of the United States will mention human rights to him during the meeting. The White House then waved ax: cancel the Philippines talks. Reported that, although the Walter expressed regret over the words, but the leaders of the two countries meet in the evening of 7 ASEAN leaders before the big dinner, Obama attitude is very cold. Duthel Te said he told Obama he had never called him a "son of a bitch," and Obama said to him, "my people will talk to you."". Independent foreign policy at the end of the last line of the Asian American leaders to the identity of the press conference, Obama said that he had asked Duthel Te to carry out the drug war in the right way. ". Reported that Duthel Te will not tolerate any opposition to this decision. He chose to do. Whether it is called rude what diplomatic or other similar argument, maraca Nangong 11, insisted that Duthel Te can be straightforward to convey information to the world. Martin, spokesman for Philippines’s president, ·, said: "the most important message is that we have an independent foreign policy." ". It is also important for the president to show to other countries that we support foreign trade, and we also call on asean.相关的主题文章: