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From the "western world" to "the world of virtual reality TV fans" no end point of the black mirror should have seen recently in the western world hit "HBO" (Westworld), even if not seen, at least also listen to the discussion, because of the "western world" is really a fire, the American TV carries almost all is the current and future Internet gaming industry and exciting "G-spot": artificial intelligence, 3D printing, AI, virtual reality robot…… The "western world" is about a place in the world of science and Technology Park story, "western world" is the science and Technology Park name, pay $1 million 560 thousand a week, you can be as "new participants" into a high degree of simulation of the western town to start their adventure. Living and wandering here is the use of 3D printing technology to produce the reception robot, each robot body has a set of fresh background and hidden story line. For example, a bad old man stumbled, suddenly took out a map and went to the table to invite you to participate in his treasure hunt. The adventurer could take out a dagger and put it on the back of the bad old man. In the "western world" on the body, we see the classic Western game "wilderness biaoke" shadow. As the world view and the script creation director Jonathan · Nolan is not taboo to say, "the western world" created by "wilderness biaoke" and other highly inspired game player favorite 18 ban violent game "Grand Theft Auto" series. These two games have common characteristics: although each NPC in the game have their own role, according to the screenwriter preset plot and game player interaction is good, but according to different game player, the infinite branching plot will appear complicated and difficult to deal with, the whole world will change because of the choice of game player, and form a dynamic a "sandbox", so this kind of game is called a sandbox game. In the face of AI, injury, violence, killings, game player in the game can not bear any risk to do. The "Grand Theft Auto" the most popular video game on the Bilibili, almost no one on the main line of the game and the game player, enjoy in the sandbox in the world, always show the moral shackles buried behind the mask I really fun. Humanity is released in the virtual reality is a "western world" focuses on the topic and you must know that the "western world" in the "paradise" is representative of the 1973 people to imagine the future of science and technology, we will not touch the future. The maintenance and management of the Western Paradise is very complicated, and the damage to the robot is reflected in the body of the virtual world. Every night, the park staff are required to be brought to the asepsis room in robot for cleaning, repair the damage caused by the shooting game player, or even on the show "psychological problems" robot guidance, look for BUG, which will bring high cost. The rapid development of VR technology, do not need to create virtual situations by making real robots, but through code driven game engine, without manual work can show a virtual reality game player in front of. AI in the game.相关的主题文章: