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Gangs reselling Beijing index of profit 3 million to Peking University Tsinghua students original title: reselling Beijing settled index profit of 3 million graduates in Beijing can help release the news on the Internet, for a total of more than 40 provinces and cities of students for the Beijing settled in illegal profits of millions of dollars. With the Tianmou arrest, a LED with its illegal reselling settled in Beijing indicators criminal gangs gradually surfaced, involving more than a dozen large state-owned enterprises and high-tech company’s personnel department responsible person. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Haidian court recently to the sale of official documents and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment Tianmou, other members of the Gang also won the penalty. The pull index online reselling gang in July 2014, published an article "Beijing accounts online price 300 thousand" the article caused police attention, Beijing police immediately investigate, quickly locked the suspect Tianmou release information. Through in-depth investigation, the police learned, Tianmou with more than a dozen large state-owned enterprises and high-tech company’s personnel department staff collusion, illegal sale of these companies received undergraduate graduate work, and settled in Beijing indicators. In July 15th, Tianmou home in Xicheng District to be controlled, as of August 18th of the same year, the gang members are all arrested. According to the indictment, Tianmou with more than a dozen large state-owned enterprises and high-tech company personnel department Zhang, pay a 15 people, from 2010 to 2014, the violation for the "State Council ministries and agencies directly under the central enterprises in Beijing and received college graduates settled in the list", "Beijing city human resources and Social Security Bureau received the letter", "Beijing City Public Security Bureau home notice", located in Beijing city of official documents, and sold to more than 40 fresh graduates of Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other schools. Tianmou and other illegal profits of more than 300 yuan. Prosecutors found that Tianmou involved in the process for the 37 students settled in Beijing, involving more than 600 yuan, Tianmou profit from more than 90 yuan, while the remaining defendants profit from $80 to more than 10 thousand yuan. Public prosecutor that Tianmou 14 people’s behavior constituted the crime of sale of official documents, the defendant Zhang’s behavior constituted the crime of breach of privilege of state-owned company personnel, should be in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" provisions shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of the personnel. Goulian enterprise personnel department according to Tianmou confession, during 2011, he started the company in Beijing, has 3 times by the Shandong relatives and friends of the trust, to find the relationship between friends for the children of foreign students in Beijing by large state-owned enterprises, successfully settled in Beijing in. It is very familiar with the relevant policies of foreign students settled in Beijing and for the initiation of the path through the handling of Beijing settled indicators profit. Since then, he released the recruitment information, take the initiative to contact friends and so on, through the Internet, has made easy triangle network technology Beijing Co. Ltd. manager, management department chief of the personnel department of cadres from the China Railway 16th group Zhang et al., after a period of time with each other, Tianmou proposed joint reselling unit receives the graduating undergraduate course graduates and the completion of Beijing相关的主题文章: