Governor of Guizhou province Sun Zhigang to promote the province’s power to promote the growth of to kaya scodelario

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The governor of Guizhou province Sun Zhigang: give the power of the province to promote the tourism industry growth spurt – Travel Channel original title: give the province the power to set the wisdom of promoting growth spurt in the current tourism industry, China’s economic development has entered a new norm, facing the speed of the shift of node, node, node power conversion structure adjustment. Guizhou province "NPC and CPPCC" clearly this year’s economic growth target of 10%, the provincial government put tourism as one of the "three long boards", specifically to promote the realization of growth spurt tourism, ensure that this year’s tourist number and tourism revenue growth of more than 30%, some areas should strive to reach more than 50%. This is a full consideration of the necessary and possible, the situation and conditions of the goal, must be fulfilled in the letter, so that the tourism industry to contribute to the province’s economic development better and faster. Unity of understanding and confidence in the determination of confidence in tourism development first, we must fully understand the importance of promoting the development of tourism to achieve blowout growth. Tourism is a comprehensive industry, which has the characteristics of strong economic pulling force, high industrial relevancy, large employment capacity and so on. Promote the growth spurt of tourism is conducive to providing important support for steady growth. Involved in tourism chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment and other aspects, the development of the tourism industry quickly, will bring Everfount popularity and wealth. 2015, the total number of tourists in Guizhou reached 376 million passengers, total tourism income of $351 billion 200 million, the added value of tourism reached 96 billion 240 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the province’s GDP reached 9.2%, is a veritable pillar industry. Second, we should fully understand the rare opportunity to promote the development of the tourism industry. From the international point of view, at present, the world has entered the era of "tourism", the basic realization of leisure tourism, mass and socialization, become a universal way of life and basic rights. In particular, the natural ecology and traditional culture to preserve a more complete, not excessive commercial development of the place, especially favored by international tourists. Guizhou province this year by the "New York Times" as the world’s 52 must be a tourist destination for the development of the international tourism market in Guizhou has created favorable conditions. From the domestic point of view, the CPC Central Committee and State Council attach great importance to the development of tourism. Over the past three years has issued "outline of national tourism and leisure" (2013-2020) "on promoting the reform and development of the tourism industry of the" several opinions "on further promote tourism investment and consumption of a number of opinions", proposed the implementation of the tourism infrastructure, promote tourism investment promotion, tourism consumption promotion plan, optimize the holiday schedule, the national security leisure time, tourism industry has entered the focus on the release of the dividend policy. Third, we must fully understand the favorable conditions to promote the development of tourism. After years of efforts, Guizhou’s tourism industry has a high speed growth, the basis and conditions for the development of fission. There are five prominent advantages: first, the park. Tourism resources are rich, everywhere is beautiful, step by step is the style, the effectiveness of the construction of 100 tourist attractions. Two is the big ecology. The weather is cool, fresh air, oxygen bar, natural air conditioning, "winter to Hainan, the summer tour of Guizhou" is becoming a new fashion lifestyle. Three is the big traffic. Entered the era of high-speed rail in the western region to achieve every county)相关的主题文章: